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Of, belonging to, or typical of the aristocracy.
  1. 'a stately, aristocratic manner'
  2. 'He was defending the mixed system that existed in the Britain of his day - a combination of aristocratic, commercial, oligarchic, and democratic elements.'
  3. 'In 1940 she married S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, the scion of an equally aristocratic Christian family in the low country.'
  4. 'Mercer surely had his first wife's upper-class eastern European background in mind when he tackled the theme of the Nazi impact on old aristocratic German families.'
  5. 'In a flashback, we see the progress of their relationship - he, a gifted violinist; she, a pianist from an aristocratic family.'
  6. 'Much of this had been granted in the form of hereditary manorial estates to aristocratic families or important monasteries.'
  7. 'The prestige and the social standing of the government clerks surpassed by far those of any other class of the population with the exception of the army officers and the members of the oldest and wealthiest aristocratic families.'
  8. 'Many of the subjects are necessarily members of wealthy or aristocratic families, and part of the purpose of the show is to explore the place of children in society their dress, and their toys.'
  9. 'Sinclair was born in 1878 to a family with Southern aristocratic ties.'
  10. 'Initially, its goal was to represent the interests of middle-class folks who resented the aristocratic inclinations of the Federalists.'


1. of or relating to government by an aristocracy.

2. belonging to or favoring the aristocracy.

3. characteristic of an aristocrat; having the manners, values, or qualities associated with the aristocracy: aristocratic bearing; aristocratic snobbishness.

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"families can be aristocratic."

"societies can be aristocratic."

"people can be aristocratic."

"houses can be aristocratic."

"connections can be aristocratic."

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Early 17th century: from French aristocratique, from Greek aristokratikos, from aristokratia (see aristocracy).