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Clever or skilful, especially in a crafty or cunning way.
  1. 'And Divided We Fall is so artful that by the time it ends we have recognized all of them as human beings and have recognized ourselves in them.'
  2. 'I wouldn't dispute the accuracy, I just thought it was remarkably artful, and would expect nothing less of you, Ari.'
  3. 'He tried an artful variant on the same trick by announcing a stunning personnel decision on the day before Thanksgiving.'
  4. 'In this respect it has been a splendidly artful chancellorship that has lasted the remarkable length that it has due in large part to our gullibility and our apparent willingness to let him get away with it.'
  5. 'People assumed that Jones was merely being artful when he spoke of a possible chink in the England line, centring around Charlie Hodgson and Henry Paul.'
  6. 'It is based on the observation that with a sufficient amount of clever handwaving and artful verbiage, you can interpret any piece of writing as a statement about anything at all.'
  7. 'Interestingly, artful Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has been looking pleased with himself these past few days now a referendum is almost certainly off.'
  8. 'If you look out for artful and dishonest sorts, you will probably spare yourself a big fiscal setback.'
  9. 'In her preface, Hannah declares her book to be a ‘record of plain unvarnished facts’, but a glance at any page shows it to be something far more artful.'
  10. 'Notice the very, very artful wording.'
Showing creative skill or taste.
  1. 'In the hands of a creative photographer, an artful landscape can be made of any subject from a New England farm to an Inca ruin in Peru.'
  2. 'In this arena, Apple may benefit from its consumer focus, artful design, and strong brand equity.'
  3. 'Crisp photographs by Bill Milne capture the bright, boldly colored fabrics used for the author's artful, fun designs.'
  4. 'With an eye for the perfect moment combined with an artful sense of composition, Parke's work's are a stunning evocation of how this country really is.'
  5. 'It gives me hope that the American public can recognize and appreciate an artful, intelligent film if and when one is actually offered.'
  6. 'And unlike his two compatriots, Mehrjui's work is mostly devoid of the artful interplay between life and art that is so characteristic of their work.'
  7. 'Or it can be an artful adjunct to your interior design.'
  8. 'The artful dance form called capoeira is widely known as a cultural expression in Brazil, but it's rapidly becoming all the rage in the capital of Angola.'
  9. 'All the tried-and-tested gripes about it being a waste of taxpayers' money and not being any more artful than, say, the fire extinguisher or the plug socket resounded around the room.'
  10. 'It's artful and creative - gutsy even - but at no point did you get the feeling that these were battles of life and death.'


1. slyly crafty or cunning; deceitful; tricky: artful schemes.

2. skillful or clever in adapting means to ends; ingenious: an artful choice of metaphors and similes.

3. done with or characterized by art or skill: artful acting; artful repairs.

4. Archaic. artificial.

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"ups can be artful."

"traders can be artful."

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