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A confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.
  1. 'For the record, in case anyone is thinking it, the assertion that women are worse at maths is also utter rubbish.'
  2. 'The working class at home is beginning to be starved, and is being buoyed up with the assertion that this is the last great war.'
  3. 'It is usually regarded as an assertion that we are all the same under the skin.'
  4. 'I politely disagree with the assertion that it was didactic and lengthy.'
  5. 'This disproves the assertion that tyranny is impossible to impose on an armed population.'
  6. 'Imposing such a ban requires far more compelling logic than the assertion that we should not play God.'
  7. 'He is criticizing the assertion that to weigh more than that is to be obese.'
  8. 'There may be room for the assertion that the bailiff was not tactful and that his firmness and size intimidated those in that room.'
  9. 'Moreover, the assertion that moral agency confers special moral status is itself quite debatable.'
  10. 'As for her assertion that our community leaders are working towards cohesion, I should think they are!'
  11. 'the assertion of his legal rights'
  12. 'While this assertion appears disarmingly simple, it is profound in its implications.'
  13. 'Many would no doubt take issue with me on that simple assertion, citing personal reasons why it is not so.'
  14. 'Almost every assertion is backed by a sackful of evidence, statistics or relevant quotations.'
  15. 'If one rejects that assertion, does the imperialism of human rights really sound so bad?'
  16. 'The falsity of this assertion would have been found if it had been checked.'
  17. 'Experiments conducted in the field and the lab are a major basis for this assertion.'
  18. 'Anyone who disagrees with this assertion should of course be ready for my temper tantrum.'
  19. 'It is this assertion which will be tested in a referendum vote, probably next March.'
  20. 'Nor has any evidence been made public as of this writing to justify the prime minister's assertion.'
  21. 'That was a novel and quite astounding assertion at that stage of human legal development.'

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1. a positive statement or declaration, often without support or reason: a mere assertion; an unwarranted assertion.

2. an act of asserting.

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"agreements can be assertion."


Late Middle English: from Latin assertio(n-), from the verb asserere (see assert).