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Showing great care and perseverance.
  1. 'He has always been an assiduous listener to radio.'
  2. 'For the assiduous trekker who throws away the route map you can find a watering hole with rich across-the-pond life.'
  3. 'His spin doctors have been so assiduous in building images of him that the real man has remained invisible behind them.'
  4. 'After a decade or so of assiduous tweezering, the brow hairs will indeed be discouraged and will not grow back.'
  5. 'Plus, being an assiduous multi-tasker, he had other things he needed to accomplish on this record.'
  6. 'Yet the result of this assiduous attention to presentation was that the image became too self-conscious.'
  7. 'You can never quite relax, even with the most assiduous efforts at procrastination.'
  8. 'The opposition has been assiduous in considering the issues and developing solutions consistent with the principled position it has taken on the bill.'
  9. 'Great advances were achieved in people's lives simply by the work of an assiduous and committed group of women on a massive scale.'
  10. 'Some middle managers are assiduous in protecting their territory.'


1. constant; unremitting: assiduous reading.

2. constant in application or effort; working diligently at a task; persevering; industrious; attentive: an assiduous student.

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"people can be assiduous in things."

"summers can be assiduous in researchs."

"people can be assiduous in ties."

"people can be assiduous in telegrams."

"people can be assiduous in questions."

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Mid 16th century: from Latin assiduus, from assidere ‘be engaged in doing’ (see assess), + -ous.