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Conducive to success; favourable.
  1. 'These are not auspicious conditions either for future sales or the supply of ambitious workers.'
  2. '"The 10th, the 12th, and the 18th are appropriately auspicious dates on the Chinese calendar, " he said.'
  3. 'As mum and dad took photographs or recorded the auspicious moment on the camcorder, the youngsters played happily and tentative new friendships were formed.'
  4. 'It was not an auspicious moment to make their dream a reality.'
  5. 'This isn't an auspicious time to make solid promises or definite commitments - or expect them from anyone else.'
  6. 'The astronomers' observations were used to divine auspicious moments for many different kinds of activity, from farming to warfare.'
  7. 'For Hindus, it is important that a child be born at an auspicious time.'
  8. 'While all wait for the auspicious moment to tie the knot, these bureaus are always on the move.'
  9. 'It comes into my life at an auspicious moment, as I will be hitting the road on Sunday.'
  10. 'It was a sweltering spring bank holiday, and he had not had long to prepare for such an auspicious moment.'
  11. 'they said it was an auspicious moon—it was rising'
  12. 'You go to a fortune teller who decides on a more lucky or more auspicious name and has it engraved on your spoon.'
  13. 'These ‘lucky’ dollar bills have auspicious serial numbers and come in colored folders.'
  14. 'But auspicious beginnings are not always reliable predictors of sustained success.'
  15. 'His auspicious debut might have given him the leverage to realize some of his grander plans.'
  16. 'The story said that fire was the auspicious element responsible for the success of the Han Dynasty.'
  17. 'The omens look auspicious for Ainslie to repeat his 2000 success and inspire a British gold haul.'
  18. 'It was certainly an auspicious start, and most merchants are hopeful that the worst is behind them, and that there will be better days ahead.'
  19. 'Guests are greeted with an oversized image of the moon maiden and tables have an infusion of auspicious red for linen.'
  20. 'he was respectful to his auspicious customers'


1. promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable: an auspicious occasion.

2. favored by fortune; prosperous; fortunate.

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"times can be auspicious."

"occasions can be auspicious."

"starts can be auspicious."

"days can be auspicious."

"beginnings can be auspicious."

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Late 16th century: from auspice + -ous.