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Having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.
  1. 'She looked at me with avid interest, with those eyes so much like mine.'
  2. 'Two avid readers of this column had seen us arrive and kindly retained their table until we were ready to take over.'
  3. 'An avid reader, he was also a committed Christian and regularly attended church.'
  4. 'Denton hopes it will also be a resource for avid readers or students of writing.'
  5. 'An avid reader, Dr. Murray was a man who greatly enjoyed home life with his wife and family.'
  6. 'As for the soldiers who do the killing and dying, they are unlikely to be avid readers of serious newspapers.'
  7. 'He has rarely been interviewed and though he is an avid reader of newspapers, he has no wish to read about himself.'
  8. 'Pat had a lifelong interest in model railways and was an avid reader on the topic.'
  9. 'An avid reader, she used to carry around a list of tricky words to help her to remember their spellings.'
  10. 'An avid reader, he took his first forays in the world of writing during his childhood years.'
  11. 'she was avid for information about the murder inquiry'
  12. 'The enemy in this case is our imaginations, avid for the spectacle of catastrophe.'
  13. 'But he must be treated as being a man who is not avid for scandal.'
  14. 'No, not avid for scandal is the one right at the end of the line.'
  15. 'He published this clarification in the Architectural Record for American art lovers, who were avid for information about what was happening in the Old World.'
  16. 'News of those manoeuvres had been widely circulated by a world media avid for confirming signs of ‘Muslim fundamentalism’.'
  17. 'Many of the friendly people they met in Ballina, NSW, showed a great interest in the Irish sister town, after which it is named, and were avid for information about Ballina, Co. Mayo.'
  18. 'The Observer reported that the play was attracting young people who were avid for its message.'
  19. 'His conversion was much more gradual, taking root slowly but tenaciously in a nature avid for the life of faith.'
  20. 'The Second Empire, generally avid for control and order, sought to regularize commerce by the reconstruction of the central market.'
  21. 'Gathered by journalists avid for war copy, the audience of the tales was vastly expanded by an uncritical press.'


1. showing great enthusiasm for or interest in: an avid moviegoer.Synonyms: enthusiastic, ardent, keen; devoted, dedicated; zealous, fanatic.Antonyms: indifferent, apathetic; reluctant.

2. extremely desirous (often followed by for or sometimes of): avid for pleasure; avid of power.Synonyms: eager; hungry, greedy, insatiable; covetous.Antonyms: disdainful, loath.

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"people can be avid for newses."

"merchants can be avid in consumptions."

"galleries can be avid for entertainments."

"readers can be avid."

"fans can be avid."

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Mid 18th century: from French avide or Latin avidus, from avere ‘crave’.