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  1. 'She barked at the cashier and barked at the bagger and barked the whole way out of the store.'
  2. 'Even if the brains in Boise put in all the technology in the world, they'll need the support of Albertson's cashiers, stockers, baggers and managers - the people in stores to help customers every shopping day.'
  3. 'He was a coal bagger for the Co-op and only earned about £3. 15s.0d a week!'
  4. 'The employers - Vons and Pavillions, Ralphs and Albertsons - want to slash the health and retirement benefits of their cashiers, baggers, deli clerks and other employees.'
  5. 'Ray was a bagger at a Taos supermarket before his mom told him about the Corps.'
  6. 'Part-time crew members, who work as baggers, cashiers, box boys and stock persons, can start at wages as low as $6.75 an hour with no experience, but generally earn from $7.50 to $15.85 an hour.'
  7. 'One person I worked with was a bagger at Genuardi's.'
  8. 'Many of them are baggers in grocery stores, greeters, doing janitorial work, volunteering in hospitals, delivering meals on wheels, etc.'
  9. 'The son of Irish immigrant parents, Naughton had worked in a weaving shed and as a coal bagger and driver for the Co-op before joining Mass Observation in 1938.'
  10. 'I have had to take drastic actions by keeping the grocery cart between me and said person, frustrating the bagger at the end of the line for not having the ability to reach my cart.'

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1. a person who packs groceries or other items into bags.

2. a bag of cloth or plastic attached to a power lawn mower to collect grass as it is cut.

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"mowers can be bagger."