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Relating to a baron or barons.
  1. 'On 6 April 1648 a negotiated settlement allowed the Spanish garrison to re-enter Naples, while in the countryside the baronial forces gained the upper hand over the peasants and rebel communes.'
  2. 'Most of our evidence concerning the heraldry of twelfth-century baronial families comes from surviving seals.'
  3. 'His son joined the rebels, and this seems to have been the solution adopted by many baronial families.'
  4. 'But the feudal system also allowed for Church functionaries, for instance the abbots of powerful monarchies, to adopt something of a baronial role.'
  5. 'They can't be closeted in their baronial offices.'
  6. 'Mr Holt, a previous owner of the Skibo estate, bought the historical island, which comes with its own baronial title, around 10 years ago.'
  7. 'He did not rebel when John took his castles; he gave up his two sons as hostages; he supported John against the Papal Interdict; and he supported John in the baronial rebellion.'
  8. 'There followed a series of political manoeuvres from which one man, the King's brother-in-law, Simon de Montfort, emerged as a somewhat improbable champion of English and baronial interests.'
  9. 'The highest price paid to date for a baronial title is £250,000 for the feudal Earldom of Arran, which comes with several thousand acres.'
  10. 'In the evening it's back to the baronial hall for a documentary about George's old production company, Mancunian Films, and the Formby episode from The South Bank Show.'
In the turreted style characteristic of Scottish country houses.
  1. 'Reminiscent of a traditional baronial style house, the Strathallan is entered through a vestibule with double doors.'
  2. 'Externally it resembles a cross between an Italian palazzo and a baronial hunting lodge tacked on to a far older watchtower.'
  3. 'The design is Scots baronial on the exterior with a very Italianate interior.'
  4. 'We stayed at Castle Venlaw Hotel, an 18th Century country castle in the Scottish baronial style, which wouldn't look out of place in northern France.'
  5. 'The Ardanaiseig Hotel was built in baronial style, among beautiful woodland gardens, for Colonel Archibald Campbell in 1834.'
  6. 'The Scottish baronial architectural style of the nineteenth century was an attempt to create myths and legends from nothing.'
  7. 'Inside, the Scottish baronial architecture and Art Nouveau motifs silently boast of the man who created it: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a former student and architect of the school's main building.'
  8. 'It's a time capsule of baronial Scottish splendour circa 1880-minus the midges.'
  9. 'By the 1900s, it bore all the characteristics of a Victorian baronial before becoming an old people's home in 1950.'
  10. 'More popular, however, was the Elizabethan or Scottish baronial manner, offering patriotic sentiment without the small windows of the authentic castle.'


1. pertaining to a baron or barony or to the order of barons.

2. befitting a baron: living in baronial splendor.

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