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A fuel derived immediately from living matter.
  1. 'In addition, the incentives for alternatives - such as hydro, solar, nuclear and - crucially biofuels - grow exponentially.'
  2. '‘Biomass can also include biofuels, gaseous fuels for engines and turbine applications,’ says Evald.'
  3. 'An EU Commission action plan on alternative fuels for transport identifies biofuels as the most realistic substitute for conventional petrol and diesel in the short term.'
  4. 'All of the emerging technologies - including wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, fuel cells and fusion - have a niche to fill in the composite of our energy needs.'
  5. 'Analysts predict the development of a diversified energy system, including wind and solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, biofuels, and the earth's own heat.'
  6. 'Issues like the introduction and use of biofuels in our national fuel mix become far more relevant in terms of keeping the pressure off the prices a little bit.'
  7. 'Soot is a product of incomplete combustion, especially of diesel fuels, biofuels, coal and outdoor biomass burning.'
  8. 'But can biofuels really replace petroleum products?'
  9. 'The interest in biofuels to replace fossil fuels has led to the suggestion that GM herbicide-tolerant oilseed rape and sugar beet could both be used improve production efficiency.'
  10. 'Organised by the Green Party, Wednesday's conference in the Seven Oaks Hotel looked at biofuels and the need to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels in line with Ireland's commitments to EU directives and the Kyoto Protocol.'

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1. fuel, as wood or ethanol, derived from biomass.

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"uses can be biofuels."

"taxes can be biofuels."