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(of data or a written work) dealing with a particular person's life.
  1. 'biographical books on the Beatles'
  2. 'The 10-meeting course will include the study of leading composers, style of writing and biographical detail.'
  3. 'The lack of good biographical works on our non-Labor politicians is a minor scandal, so this is an event worth noting.'
  4. 'As such, this huge biographical project is overblown.'
  5. 'In cinema there's also a legal pressure towards biographical projects.'
  6. 'Even if they pass it down, use of their name and biographical details ensures respectful treatment from their subordinates.'
  7. 'The catalogue, filled with biographical detail, reads more like an article for Tatler.'
  8. 'They have done several biographical works on Mozart and Liszt.'
  9. 'Above all, it is his honesty, his willingness to draw on biographical detail that infuses this novel with sad, disarming charm.'
  10. 'He gives as full an account as possible of the actions for which the recipient got the VC and also gives as many biographical details as are available.'
  11. 'Mr Meehan latest book completes his biographical work on Parliamentarians in Laois and Offaly since 1585.'

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1. of or relating to a person's life: He's gathering biographical data for his book on Milton.

2. pertaining to or containing biography: a biographical dictionary.

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"details can be biographical."

"dictionaries can be biographical."

"sketches can be biographical."

"informations can be biographical."

"sources can be biographical."

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