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Having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing.
  1. 'the aircraft is capable of flying 5,000 miles non-stop'
  2. 'He hoped, and believed, that his Celtic side were capable of beating the champions.'
  3. 'Only here and there did the Aberdonian produce anything like the form of which he is obviously capable.'
  4. 'Immediate impressions suggest he is more capable of handling this sort of pressure than he was a year ago.'
  5. 'No one, not even Wise, claims that chimpanzees are capable of responsible behavior.'
  6. 'All the other regions had at least one outstanding player capable of making a huge difference.'
  7. 'I am quite capable of being happy without outside interference thank you very much.'
  8. 'For a second time in the game Leigh showed how capable they were of springing from defence into attack.'
  9. 'Liverpool is soon to have a concert venue capable of hosting the biggest bands.'
  10. 'We've proved capable in the past of coming from behind and we've handled the heat.'
  11. 'Alexa is a smart computer system capable of hearing and responding to the human voice.'
  12. 'Neither in effect is capable of being measured by the strict rules of accountancy.'
Able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent.
  1. 'a highly capable man'
  2. 'He was a very capable surgeon and able to undertake all duties with skill and caring.'
  3. 'It was fortunate that, in its hour of need, the country was able to call upon so capable a man.'
  4. 'Even the most capable biographers stray when they dabble in Freudian psycho-waffle.'
  5. 'Although I was still technically still quite capable, the job became more difficult for me.'
  6. 'Our brave new world would be a meritocracy, where people who are capable do the jobs.'
  7. 'I did not know her name, but only saw her in passing; a swift and capable woman flitting about.'
  8. 'The boxes are packed and the house cleared and put into the capable hands of a local real estate agent.'
  9. 'At IPC she proved a capable chief executive and did not shy away from the tough decisions.'
  10. 'It's long enough and there are plenty of capable people to take on the leadership.'
  11. 'The man is extremely capable and cooks, cleans and does all his own washing and ironing.'


1. having power and ability; efficient; competent: a capable instructor. Idioms

2. capable of, having the ability or capacity for: a man capable of judging art. open to the influence or effect of; susceptible of: a situation capable of improvement. predisposed to; inclined to: capable of murder.

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"people can be capable of things."

"places can be capable of things."

"systems can be capable of things."

"plants can be capable of things."

"governments can be capable of things."

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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘able to take in’, physically or mentally): from French, from late Latin capabilis, from Latin capere ‘take or hold’.