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Very pleasant or attractive.
  1. 'Deeply enchanted by the charming environment, he decided to settle down for good.'
  2. 'This charming three bedroom cottage, built circa 1900, is in fine condition throughout and is situated on a one acre site and surrounded by beautiful scenery.'
  3. 'There was more than enough in the story about the two main characters to fuel a charming, sweet, sensitive film without turning it all into some kind of ham-fisted slapstick or whatever it was supposed to be.'
  4. 'It towered high above the charming cottage but still looked old-fashioned and attractive.'
  5. 'Though the pavilion is a little artificial, we were enchanted by the charming music after our long walk.'
  6. 'You walk through Oxford, sometimes all the way up to Summertown, a charming suburb with delightful sandwich shops, wearing suits and gowns and carnations.'
  7. 'The clean air, the salty spray and the charming surroundings have beguiled visitors for aeons.'
  8. 'The charming dormer cottages in brick, with their magnificent gardens looked extremely well as did the mock Tudor style houses opposite.'
  9. 'She has been indefatigable in helping us to counter a threat, which may have repercussions over a far wider area, than that occupied by this charming little cottage.'
  10. 'The village was charming and attracted visitors from near and far.'
  11. 'he was a charming, affectionate colleague'
  12. 'Luke was everything she could've hoped for: sweet, charming and gorgeous.'
  13. 'The most gratifying thing about starting this blog has been the opportunity to get acquainted with so many smart and charming people.'
  14. 'He was placid, very pleasant, proud, charming and unassuming.'
  15. 'Frank Churchill is charming and attractive, and for a brief period Emma thinks herself in love.'
  16. 'He seemed to be a perfectly nice guy, attractive and very charming.'
  17. 'Everyone I have met has been charming and attractive.'
  18. 'Sure enough, it's Jonathan Richman, in much the same charming manner as we've heard him countless times over the past 30 years.'
  19. 'She was a charming girl, well brought up with perfect manners, but without doubt the most idle person I have ever met.'
  20. 'He was pleasant, very charming, but when we were waiting for filming and he was standing behind me, he wrote on my ear with a marker pen!'
  21. 'Bullies are often charming people who are well-liked.'


Used as an ironic expression of displeasure or disapproval.
  1. 'So what you are saying is that those who agree with you are right, and those who disagree are disgusting. That's charming.'


1. pleasing; delightful: a charming child.

2. using charm; exercising magic power.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be charming in/at/on days."

"people can be charming with hints."

"people can be charming with edges."

"people can be charming to well-beings."

"people can be charming in ways."

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