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Feeling or showing confidence in oneself or one's abilities or qualities.
  1. 'people who are confident in their identity'
  2. 'I have always been confident in my own ability and thankfully it paid off.'
  3. 'I walk in with confident ease and smile at the people I pass, who are only too happy to see me.'
  4. 'They refused to be overawed by Brazil, and came out fully confident in their ability to win.'
  5. 'They are also happier, more confident and develop better abilities to concentrate.'
  6. 'We are obviously confident in our own ability but it will be quite difficult to go straight up this year.'
  7. 'Before we go out onto the field, he makes everyone so relaxed and confident in their own ability.'
  8. 'You have to be confident in your own ability and trust the people you have around you.'
  9. 'Dog handlers have to be able to work by themselves and to be confident in doing so, he said.'
  10. 'Instead, he was too trusting, perhaps too confident in his own ability to keep everything together.'
  11. 'Privileged kids are far more relaxed and confident in huge, posh colleges.'
Feeling or showing certainty about something.
  1. 'I am not very confident about tonight's game'
  2. 'That, in a small way, makes me feel more confident about carrying on with my plan.'
  3. 'If he is confident of a positive response from his squad then the fun is set to begin for United fans.'
  4. 'He was confident of winning with a stoppage and I'm sure he would have done if he'd had the chance.'
  5. 'Obviously he can't make any promises but I am confident that he will look at the arguments carefully.'
  6. 'She is confident that any new features, including work to complete a path, will boost the park's image.'
  7. 'He was certainly very confident that there were places where autism could be treated.'
  8. 'However, when prices dive so low, how can we be confident that no one is being exploited at the manufacturing end?'
  9. 'It is a very ambitious target but the group is confident that it will succeed.'
  10. 'As has been said before, it's better to be confident of a good result than hopeful of a great one.'
  11. 'I'm confident that Kevin is working hard to make sure that that's something that we deal with.'


A confidant.
  1. 'The fact is (and this would be an interesting subject for a later post) it really seems like most great artistic products are the broadcasts of a cabal: the proceedings of a small group of confidents exposed to a wide audience.'
  2. '‘Nope, you guys are my only confidents,’ he said smiling.'


1. having strong belief or full assurance; sure: confident of fulfillment.

2. sure of oneself; having no uncertainty about one's own abilities, correctness, successfulness, etc.; self-confident; bold: a confident speaker.

3. excessively bold; presumptuous.

4. Obsolete. trustful or confiding. noun

5. a confidant.

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"people can be confident of things."

"people can be confident about things."

"people can be confident of victories."

"people can be confident of abilities."

"people can be confident in abilities."

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Late 16th century: from French confident(e), from Italian confidente, from Latin confident- ‘having full trust’, from the verb confidere, from con- (expressing intensive force) + fidere ‘trust’.