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Able to be believed; convincing.
  1. 'a credible witness'
  2. 'I must say first of all that I find that the respondent is not a credible witness.'
  3. 'The media's failure to respond to our work is a failure to respond to rational arguments and credible sources.'
  4. 'Whether or not credible information existed to substantiate the story's claims is still a mystery.'
  5. 'That is surprising given the fact that he is the only person who is able to give any credible evidence.'
  6. 'I have considered whether the appellant provided a credible account of events and was a credible witness.'
  7. 'The court found his evidence to be credible and therefore considered its weight.'
  8. 'It was even worse that she had a hard time sounding credible when she did it.'
  9. 'She was specific about her injuries and what had happened to her, we found her to be a credible witness.'
  10. 'She gave important oral evidence and I found her to be a sensible and credible witness.'
  11. 'He impressed me as an intelligent and honest witness and I found his account wholly credible.'
  12. 'In other words, we want to use our cars because we don't believe that there is any credible and safe alternative.'
  13. 'Why should the latest set of claims be any more credible than the succession of contrary claims?'
  14. 'He did not explain what this Government is doing to support a credible foreign policy.'
  15. 'That is a bigger threat to us all, in the long run, than any credible terrorist threat on the horizon.'
  16. 'On the contrary, people are crying out for a credible alternative in which they can have trust and confidence.'
  17. 'Socialist ideas are being taken up as a very credible alternative to capitalist globalisation.'
  18. 'As if that were not bad enough, it does not even appear that the credible alternative leaders are willing to make a stand.'
  19. 'Is this shameless profiteering from peoples fears or is there a credible threat.'
  20. 'And when we have evidence of credible threats, we will issue appropriate alerts.'
  21. 'As far as she was concerned, they still had to force their way up the rankings if they were to be considered a credible threat.'


1. capable of being believed; believable: a credible statement.

2. worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy: a credible witness.

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"figures can be credible as acts."

"euros can be credible as francs."

"budgets can be credible on papers."

"years can be credible to lebaneses."

"prospects can be credible in congresses."

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Late Middle English: from Latin credibilis, from credere ‘believe’.