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Devoted to a task or purpose.
  1. '‘He has given a lifetime of dedicated service and he is respected by his peers and the young people involved in the theatre in the city,’ added Senator Cummins.'
  2. 'Billy retired from the chair at the hall committees recent AGM and the new committee felt that his years of dedicated service should be recognised.'
  3. 'He leaves a trail of devoted and dedicated dancers, teachers, choreographers, and directors.'
  4. 'It's not an easy task but the truly dedicated Coaches accept it as responsibility.'
  5. 'A dedicated teacher and devoted mother has died in a head-on smash just days before her 51st birthday.'
  6. 'My husband was a dedicated journalist, and devoted father.'
  7. 'He praised the staff for their dedicated and professional service, and presented the White Flag for Leisure Facilities to Aidan Higgins, Manager of the Waterpoint Centre.'
  8. 'Chairperson John Threadgold paid tributes to the former teachers thanking them for the dedicated service they gave to the pupils and the loyal commitment shown to the school.'
  9. 'Tributes were paid to Willie Healy who stepped down as treasurer after many years of devoted and dedicated service.'
Exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular purpose.
  1. 'If you have a dedicated Internet connection or if you want to protect your small business from hackers, I think this book will help you.'
  2. 'The relay units will send information on the number of open spots to a centralized computer in San Jose via dedicated fast lines.'
  3. 'Photographers who purchase the cards also will have access to a dedicated toll-free number for technical support questions.'
  4. 'Hey cyclists, if you want to see dedicated bike lanes cross the entirety of downtown, give Pete Ladner an email to let him know you support his idea.'
  5. 'There is also be a dedicated website giving advice on how to reduce salt consumption.'
  6. 'This allows problems on a network to be diagnosed and reported in a variety of ways, be it by e-mail, web page or dedicated terminal.'
  7. 'With this approach, the need for separate dedicated hardware/software products no longer exists.'
  8. 'Internet access charges for dedicated circuits quickly began to fall.'
  9. 'What this product targets is people who use both a CD burner and dedicated DVD drive.'



1. wholly committed to something, as to an ideal, political cause, or personal goal: a dedicated artist.

2. set apart or reserved for a specific use or purpose: We don't need a computer but a dedicated word processor.

3. (of machine parts, electrical components, hardware, etc.) made or designed to interconnect exclusively with one model or a limited range of models in a manufacturer's line: The new tractors use only high-priced dedicated accessories.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be dedicated to things."

"golfers can be dedicated to sports."

"descriptions can be dedicated to deities."

"churches can be dedicated to people."

"units can be dedicated to assistances."

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