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(of a woman or her behaviour) reserved, modest, and shy.
  1. 'We saw them transformed from calm, demure ladies to bears protecting their cubs when the neighborhood bully was on our heels.'
  2. 'One otherwise perfectly demure woman jumped onto a chair, gesturing frantically.'
  3. 'A short, demure girl stepped away from the teacher, her hands nervously clasped in front of her.'
  4. 'Rivka's desire is rebellious and demonstrates a strong will hidden beyond a demure and feminine modesty.'
  5. 'The one person who evokes sympathy is Bruce's demure wife.'
  6. 'The small demure woman who had taken her letter led Miri through a narrow hallway, which sloped downward and seemed to shrink as they progressed down it.'
  7. 'The long skirts, the burkhas, the demure looks, the curled tresses, the composure, the sensuality, the shy glance - these are all so hauntingly remindful of a bygone era.'
  8. 'She was the lone female wrestler of the evening but she was not your average demure lady.'
  9. 'I mean, I thought I'd get nice, small questions from quiet, demure girls that would be too shy to ask anything, really.'
  10. 'I'd intended to be mature and sedate and demure and just wistfully watch the young guests from afar.'
  11. 'a demure white lace cap'
  12. 'Sure she was wiry, but her businesslike combination of grey slacks and white blouse suggested someone quite demure.'
  13. 'Sipping a coffee and wearing a demure blue shirt, she does not look like a woman who has influenced a world leader.'
  14. 'The dress was made of white Duchesse satin and had a form-fitting bodice with a demure boat neckline.'
  15. 'Delicious and demure the dress is successfully re-mastered in a season where soft femininity is the story of the day.'
  16. 'While she wore a modest and demure navy blue business suit, it was readily apparent that she was quite a lovely lady.'
  17. 'While the red dress was provocative and outrageous, this dress was demure and conservative, not exposing much of anything.'
  18. 'Above the demure neckline of the simply cut dress, the girl's face was a pale oval.'
  19. 'It had straps, so it showed a bit of her shoulders, but the dress was demure.'


1. characterized by shyness and modesty; reserved.

2. affectedly or coyly decorous, sober, or sedate.

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"stylings can be demure to points."

"stylings can be demure to continuities."

"people can be demure with eyes."

"people can be demure about performances."

"daywears can be demure for clienteles."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘sober, serious, reserved’): perhaps from Old French demoure, past participle of demourer ‘remain’ (see demur); influenced by Old French mur ‘grave’, from Latin maturus ‘ripe or mature’. The sense ‘reserved, shy’ dates from the late 17th century.