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Serving as a desirable model; very good.
  1. 'He still dresses like a kid about to go outside and play a game of hoops in the street, but his preparation, concentration and behaviour are now exemplary.'
  2. 'Meanwhile, the Chelsea chairman has insisted the new Premiership champions have not received the credit they deserve this season for their exemplary behaviour on the pitch.'
  3. 'The report said international cooperation that helped eradicate polio in all but seven countries was exemplary.'
  4. 'The author and publisher deserve high praise for producing an exemplary model of its kind.'
  5. 'Only for the Balokole is it intolerable, and even they have to accept that their own children may fail to model the exemplary life.'
  6. 'The ideal Arab Mother Award presented $10,000 to the most exemplary mother.'
  7. 'When the report came back, Nike kept its contents secret, and continued to maintain that their factories were models of exemplary employee conditions.'
  8. 'However, the duke's performance on the road has not always been exemplary.'
  9. 'This continual influx of well-prepared teachers supports the school's mission and vision of being an exemplary dual language school.'
  10. 'Traditionally migration has been the principal response, with the US being exemplary in this respect.'
  11. 'her works are exemplary of certain feminist arguments'
(of a punishment) serving as a warning or deterrent.
  1. 'Simply because driving tests are tough, laws are implemented rigorously and punishment is severe and exemplary and it doesn't matter who you are.'
  2. 'As long as the real perpetrators are not caught and punished with exemplary sentences, these attacks will continue to hurt innocent people.'
  3. 'Those arrested and charged must be fast-tracked through the courts, and the courts must pass exemplary sentences on those found guilty of carrying knives.'
  4. 'What in fact has occurred is the exemplary punishment of one worker.'
  5. 'Only honesty isn't likely if the reward for it is crucifixion in the press, four different malpractice suits and an exemplary jail sentence.'
  6. '‘One way to stop this is for magistrates and the judiciary system to give exemplary sentences to anyone convicted,’ he said.'
  7. 'If there is exemplary punishment of the corporation and its officials, then other corporations will think twice before imposing risks on the life and health of ordinary people.'
  8. 'On 23 May 1995 he was discharged in the rank of Lance Sergeant with an exemplary discharge note.'
  9. 'Exemplary punishment of those found guilty by the inquiry committee, according to the law.'
  10. 'They are aimed at intimidating the population as a whole through the use of overwhelming military violence and the policy of exemplary punishment.'
  11. 'Did she not obtain the benefit of an award of aggravated or exemplary damages?'
  12. 'Franklin is counter-suing, claiming punitive and exemplary damages amounting to £18m.'


1. worthy of imitation; commendable: exemplary conduct.

2. serving as a warning: an exemplary penalty.

3. serving as an illustration or specimen; illustrative; typical: The sentences read are exemplary of the style of the essay as a whole.

4. serving as a model or pattern: The authoritative and exemplary text of the work is in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University.

5. of, relating to, or composed of exempla, or examples or models: the exemplary literature of the me

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"works can be exemplary of arguments."

"loves can be exemplary for clarities."

"arts can be exemplary for clarities."

"damages can be exemplary."

"records can be exemplary."

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Late 16th century: from late Latin exemplaris, from Latin exemplum ‘sample, imitation’ (see example).