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A distinctive attribute or aspect of something.
  1. 'one salient feature of the case has been overlooked'
  2. 'Barker suggests that metaphor is an essential feature of human communication.'
  3. 'After all, speech is a dominant feature of our lives, and this very talk would be lost on you if it were to consist entirely of manual gestures.'
  4. 'A host of safety features, including 10 airbags, are also incorporated.'
  5. 'It is both a distinguishing feature and hallmark of the field.'
  6. 'Such a capacity to identify and contrast peoples by distinguishing characteristics is a feature of a sense of national identity.'
  7. 'Another major benefit lies in its safety features.'
  8. 'These external features are significant because they constrain managers to act in particular ways.'
  9. 'It was the dominating feature of the news bulletins.'
  10. 'Diversity of values, what philosophers calls the ‘fact of pluralism’, is the salient feature of modern societies in the West.'
  11. 'The most significant feature appears to be the total restructuring of the town centre.'
  12. 'His features gave him the appearance of a college freshman, except for the lines that had begun to form at the corners of his eyes and mouth because of his nicotine addiction.'
  13. 'The doctor inspects your facial features and neck to assess your skin tone and bone structure.'
  14. 'As soon as he saw me though, I could see the distinct softening in his features, in particular his eyes.'
  15. 'The similarities between the two men are stark - the same strong jaw, angular features and receding hairline.'
  16. 'He had regular features, brown round eyes, brown light hair and a slight growth of beard.'
  17. 'He had medium-length blonde hair, strong features, striking grey eyes.'
  18. 'His mouth and facial features were twisted into a look of horror.'
  19. 'External features such as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears can be seen, and fingers and toes start to appear.'
  20. 'Linguists and language teachers often take account of the frequency of occurrence of linguistic items and features.'
  21. 'If so, this peculiar morphologic feature is another distinguishing characteristic of this genus.'
A newspaper or magazine article or a broadcast programme devoted to the treatment of a particular topic, typically at length.
  1. 'The same news director ordered a female reporter to do a feature on the ‘amateur strip night’ at a local club.'
  2. 'The sheer volume of press pieces and broadcast features about restaurants is witness to that.'
  3. 'Special features show how news programming has been created over the years.'
  4. 'To mark the launch, the BBC Nairobi team will be broadcasting special features and interviews live from Kisumu during the week.'
  5. 'The press has devoted innumerable commentaries and special features to the topic - many of which are critical.'
  6. 'The site covers up-to-the minute news, features and analyses on Pakistan, India, South Asia and the rest of the world.'
  7. 'However, a couple of recent newspaper features from that country do report on the issue.'
  8. 'This column is packed full of information and features about all aspects of careers, employment, recruitment and qualifications.'
  9. 'Broadcasters could do a feature on children's perspective of daily news and create children's news bulletins.'
  10. 'Usually I write articles on my own but a colleague and I decided to cooperate on writing a big feature for a newspaper.'
  11. 'We are currently writing the full feature film and hope to be done soon.'
  12. 'The difference is that the director is only pretending to know how to make a feature film.'
  13. 'His dream is to make a full-length feature film for which he has already written the script.'
  14. 'The last time I saw her in London, she was excited about being cast in the main role of a feature film.'
  15. 'I was looking forward to their first feature film and am relieved to report that for the most part it is a success.'
  16. 'The difference between a music video and a feature film is not as vast as one might think.'
  17. 'The film at times looks not like a feature film but like a commercial.'
  18. 'What was it like to get your first feature film credit in such a high calibre film?'
  19. 'Much of the problem comes from trying to distill a novel into a short feature film.'
  20. 'He appeared in advertisements for milk and watches, and even had a role in a full-length feature film.'


Have as a prominent attribute or aspect.
  1. 'The hotel will also feature a health and leisure club with swimming pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi.'
  2. 'It features a prominent campaign donation link on its front page.'
  3. 'In addition to our cover story, this edition features two articles about African American art.'
  4. 'The magazine also features articles centering on movie stars and their matches.'
  5. 'The hotel also features excellent meeting facilities and boardrooms.'
  6. 'In New York, several new hotels feature works by prominent artists.'
  7. 'Or, you can go to one of the private hotels which feature their own thermal bathing facilities.'
  8. 'It is assumed that this opportunity to feature the special attributes of a grand country house will be grasped by the operator.'
  9. 'The magazine features articles by historians on both the left and the right.'
  10. 'In fact, this barely even felt like a movie about animals - it just happened to feature a horse prominently.'
  11. 'the film featured Glenn Miller and his Orchestra'
  12. 'This episode features well-known actors such as Adam Pike, Terry Norton and Russel Savadier.'
  13. 'The evening buffet features the particular dishes from the selected province, plus fare from other areas.'
  14. 'Strangely, these two movies feature the same actor, Kate Beckinsale, and they both involve vampires and werewolves.'
  15. 'Its cast features a group of actors you've likely never seen before and will likely never see again.'
  16. 'And it'll also save the advertisers money, since they'll be able to feature a film star and cricketer rolled into one.'
  17. 'Both movies feature the actors carrying out all their own stunts.'
  18. 'It is curious, however, that so few of the work's prominent recordings feature French sopranos.'
  19. 'The latest demonstration, which took place on Sunday, featured thousands of participants.'
  20. 'It's a tough thing to try to do, seeing as any indie film is going to feature cool stars, cool music and a cool aesthetic.'
  21. 'Despite her personal life having often featured in the tabloid newspapers, she felt there was still an important story to tell.'
  22. 'There's more than a bit of outrage at the cathedral as a result of it featuring in an advert with a topless model being ‘crucified’ in front of it.'
  23. 'Atman has already won awards and is also featuring in the forthcoming International Film Festival of Kerala.'
  24. 'All these subjects have much in common and might be grouped together as important features in a wildlife garden.'
  25. 'The police officer is the fourth officer from the police force to resign after featuring in the programme, screened on Tuesday night.'

More definitions

1. a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic: Tall buildings were a new feature on the skyline.

2. something offered as a special attraction: This model has several added features.

3. Also called feature film. the main motion picture in a movie program: What time is the feature?

4. any part of the face, as the nose, chin, or eyes: prominent features.

5. features, the face; countenance: to compose one's features for the photographers.

6. the form or cast of the f

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"softwares can be feature to databases."

"shorts can be feature for things."

"services can be feature on companies."

"polythenes can be feature to closures."

"people can be feature on records."

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Late Middle English (originally denoting the form or proportions of the body, or a physical feature): from Old French faiture ‘form’, from Latin factura (see facture).