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Solid, firm, and rigid; not easily broken, bent, or pierced.
  1. 'rub the varnish down when it's hard'
  2. 'The volunteers used to sleep a dozen to a room on thin pallets laid out on the hard floor of their offices.'
  3. 'My youngest daughter fell out of her high chair on to a hard floor.'
  4. 'We finally dumped our bags on the floor and collapsed on the rock hard beds in silence.'
  5. 'The pathways break down when it loses the natural, hard compact soil which keeps the path together.'
  6. 'This method can produce a wide range of products, from oily coatings to hard coatings and powders.'
  7. 'Boots thudded on the hard floor as the man wearing them looked into each of the cells.'
  8. 'Home for them was a cold, damp shed, with a hard concrete floor with little or no bedding.'
  9. 'Some skaters prefer this for the tiny increase in control you get with very hard carbon fibre skate boots.'
  10. 'The floor is hard, but cool and somehow the food tastes better and the conversation is lighter.'
  11. 'I lay splayed out, face down on the hard floor for a minute or two, paralysed by embarrassment and surprise.'
  12. 'She sat down to the hard floor of the tunnel and sat there, thinking about what to do.'
  13. 'He handed it to Vicky who found it unexpectedly light, it looked so ornate and delicate but felt solid and hard.'
  14. 'Make sure there are no sharp corners or hard edges where she could hurt herself.'
  15. 'Now he lay on the hard mattress of a cheap hotel, staring at the empty space next to him.'
  16. 'She is forced to be hard and stick to her decisions, but she is always fair.'
  17. 'He also recently traded in his harmonica for a role as a hard man in a television drama.'
  18. 'If he played on the right he came up against notorious hard man Tommy Banks.'
  19. 'Many a coach must have asked their resident hard man to successfully confront Johnson, but none have managed it.'
  20. 'We have hard men on our team who will always go for the ball.'
  21. 'He's obviously no pushover, but I think he probably needs someone to be the hard man at his side.'
  22. 'Three nights in Florence and I'd become a softy and I was scared of these Southern hard men.'
  23. 'Just a sniff of weakness and these hard men will grab the opportunity with both hands.'
  24. 'He's a hard man, unafraid of any opposition, and he gets other people working well and riled up.'
  25. 'What a pity it would be if the Australian debacle was to bring the hard man back to centre stage again.'
  26. 'I used to be removed from the house because I looked like a hard man whereas my wife was educated.'
  27. 'Since nearly 70% of hard stock is tightly held and not available for sale at the moment, that leaves a very small number of hard shares available.'
  28. 'In uncertain times, investors usually prefer the certainty of hard money.'
Done with a great deal of force or strength.
  1. 'If he does anything tricky just give him a good hard whack with these here gauntlets.'
  2. 'Ichiru choked for a second, and Watz gave him a hard whack on his back before it would go down.'
  3. 'Buddy cuffed Roy on the head, slapped a small shovel in his hands, and gave him a hard shove.'
  4. 'He gave Tyler a rather hard slap on the back that made him nearly fall over the counter.'
  5. 'Josh ran over to Alex who had just given me a really hard blow to the cheek bone.'
  6. 'He said softly while he caressed the side of my face that was still hurting from his hard blow.'
  7. 'Danny had forced a hard kiss onto her roughly and now, he was standing there shocked.'
  8. 'As he was doing so he felt a hard blow to the side of his face and then another to the top of his head, he told the court.'
  9. 'We chose to sit on a comfortable settee rather than on hard chairs or impractical looking stools.'
Requiring a great deal of endurance or effort.
  1. 'it's hard for drummers these days'
  2. 'Sorting out serious debt can be a long hard slog and their support is often invaluable.'
  3. 'To be a successful President is hard enough without having to spend the majority of the year playing catch up.'
  4. 'The planting involved a great deal of hard work from our volunteers.'
  5. 'Looking at Julia as she cuddles her beautiful young daughter, it's hard to believe how different life used to be.'
  6. 'A team-builder, he has a huge appetite for hard work, but can always break off for a laugh or a joke'
  7. 'I find this very hard to answer and the reason is that almost anything is possible now.'
  8. 'She still found it hard to believe that he had survived the fire with just a small amount of injuries.'
  9. 'Searching for new wrecks requires patience and sometimes hard choices.'
  10. 'I think if someone has never experienced depression or that depth of emotional despair it can be hard to comprehend.'
  11. 'So looking at the big picture, it is hard to see why prices should rise at all.'
  12. 'he'd been a hard worker all his life'
  13. 'They were hard at work heading over the cruelly steep hill that would take them into Denholme then home.'
  14. 'Gritting teams were hard at work today clearing routes but some councils were accused of leaving it too late.'
  15. 'That is why scientists in York are hard at work on developing a new type of packaging that can be composted.'
  16. 'We're hard at work on a new show for White Cube, run by the lovely Jay Jopling.'
  17. 'By the time they got back round the harbour, three men were already hard at work.'
  18. 'he'd had a hard life'
  19. 'David Frederick was the big brother I never got as a kid, and so losing him was a hard blow.'
  20. 'They have worked in hard conditions with poor weather and yet they have done wonderful work.'
  21. 'Talya was the most vulnerable and she had a very hard time. She bore the brunt of her mum's anger.'
  22. 'She had endured an extremely hard life.'
  23. 'People were having hard times, relationship difficulties, and it does rub off on you.'
  24. 'But they hope to supplement their income with winnings when times are hard, too.'
  25. 'They were on the whole extremely sympathetic to the hard lives which most of their readers led.'
  26. 'It is her ability to deal with the hard times that her son-in-law so admires.'
  27. 'No doubt the ban has been a hard blow to some parts of the hospitality industry.'
  28. 'So it's up to you to show that a squirrel knows about winter, and hard times ahead, when it buries nuts.'
  29. 'He had a very hard life, did all the difficult jobs working-class men do.'
  30. 'this is a really hard question'
  31. 'Many liken him to a stern Victorian mill owner but there is a soft centre lurking within the hard exterior.'
  32. 'She snatched the boy by his collar on his tunic, and half-dragged him the rest of the way up the hill, her face hard.'
  33. 'Not only is it a hard taskmaster, insatiable in the demands it makes on its followers, it often saves the best till last.'
  34. 'He is said by colleagues to be a hard taskmaster who does not tolerate failure.'
  35. 'He has been portrayed in some quarters as a hard taskmaster who doesn't suffer fools gladly.'
  36. 'They say the crows nested twice this year as there will be no food to feed the young next spring due to the hard weather.'
  37. 'If the concrete has not set and the rain is hard or the slope is steep, nobody will be happy.'
  38. 'But there are two things that should be pointed out to those who really know about hard winters.'
  39. 'That's far too organised and impractical for us, though, as we have a long hard winter to get through.'
  40. 'This can mean the difference between life and death during a hard winter.'
  41. 'After a very hard winter with huge amounts of snow the season had been expected to get under way later than usual.'
  42. 'During the first hard winters, the more delicate settlers had a smaller chance of staying alive.'
  43. 'If the rains are too hard, young plants and seedlings can be washed away.'
  44. 'A hard rain while the vines are flowering will knock the blooms off the plant and reduce the size of the crop.'
  45. 'It could be a long, hard winter for people who rely on home heating oil to stay warm.'
  46. 'the hard light of morning'
  47. 'Then there you are in the broken temple on top, in the hard sunshine, looking down on the world.'
  48. 'The church basement is cold and hard morning light breaks through high windows.'
  49. 'If your wine is too hard, too tannic, too acidic, snap the pouring unit onto your bottle, pour the wine through it, and it will be altered into a better state by the magnets inside.'
  50. 'A hard wine has not aged enough to achieve a proper balance.'
(of information) reliable, especially because based on something true or substantiated.
  1. 'I, for one, would need a lot more hard information before I could make my mind up about it.'
  2. 'It takes a special kind of mindset to be this delusional in the face of cold, hard facts.'
  3. 'There is also no hard evidence to suggest that the UK economy will suffer because of a future skills shortage.'
  4. 'He urged investors to make their decisions based on hard information and not rumors.'
  5. 'When and how will they begin to retract their unambiguous presentation of the story as hard news?'
  6. 'It is only a failure if we think that individuals should be detained on mere assertions and not on hard proof.'
  7. 'They both treated it in a clinical way, making sure to get the cold, hard facts reported.'
  8. 'They realised we had hard evidence on what was happening and they promised to cooperate.'
  9. 'Yet today those interest rate cuts were interpreted as hard proof that things must be bad.'
  10. 'I think the time has come to stop playing around and to seek out some hard information.'
  11. 'efforts to turn psychology into hard science'
  12. 'But how far should we go to smuggle hard subjects into the minds of disaffected youth?'
  13. 'The hard sciences, for example, are at the cutting edge of economic development.'
  14. 'the hard left'
  15. 'Independents can be of the anti-war left, but others come from the populist hard right.'
  16. 'Immediately after the armistice was signed an election in Paris returned a hard right government.'
  17. 'a hard SF novel'
  18. 'He has crafted more realistic versions of the cast that are much more appropriate for the series' hard sci-fi background.'
  19. 'I do read a lot of sci-fi novels. There are two types: hard sci-fi and soft sci-fi.'
Strongly alcoholic; denoting a spirit rather than beer or wine.
  1. 'I don't drink hard liquor anymore, it drives me insane with rage and I've ended up in jail too many times.'
  2. 'You can mix wine with beer and beer with hard liquor but not wine with hard liquor.'
  3. 'She prepares a cup with far more hard liquor than punch and returns to Frank's side.'
  4. 'This is by far the best method ever of guaranteeing you get hard liquor into pretty much any event.'
  5. 'You can't drown problems in hard alcohol.'
  6. 'The forecast down Cancun way is positively sizzling and we have hard liquor and a Jacuzzi in our room, so the outlook is sunny.'
  7. 'A year later she said she came under the influence of her old friends and started taking hard drugs again.'
  8. 'It is true that nearly all users of hard drugs have previously used cannabis.'
  9. 'Every recreational hard drug conceivable is washed down with booze, both bought and stolen.'
  10. 'We know that many of those addicted to hard drugs commit a large proportion of property crime.'
  11. 'We need a quantum leap in treatment and rehabilitation of young hard drug addicts.'
  12. 'I had a rough time and started drinking again; it wasn't long before I was back on hard drugs.'
  13. 'A main reason for the change is that it is hoped it will free up police to concentrate on hard drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine.'
  14. 'Would you want a violent criminal using hard drugs living next to you and your kids?'
  15. 'The father-of-two, who had become involved with hard drugs, died from a gunshot wound to the chest.'
  16. 'Think of the resources that could instead go into reducing the use and distribution of hard drugs.'
  17. 'While travelling through a medium, hard radiation produces charged particles.'
  18. 'There's no air, there's hard radiation, there's poison in the ground below you and of course, it's between 100 and 150 degrees below in centigrade.'
  19. 'Like other addictions, addiction to pornography reaches a point when even ‘hard’ pornography is not enough to produce the excitement the addict wants.'
(of water) containing mineral salts that make lathering difficult.
  1. 'However, the water was so hard that it could be used only for washing and cleaning purposes.'
  2. 'I live in a hard water area and am concerned about the build-up of scale in the central heating system.'
(of the penis, clitoris, or nipples) erect.
    (of a consonant) pronounced as a velar plosive (as c in cat, g in go).
    1. 'Of course I knew the title of the anthem, but I have never been able to pronounce it: too many hard consonants in succession for my Latin vocal cords.'
    2. 'Have you ever noticed how all the truly bigoted expressions are blessed with hard consonants?'


    With a great deal of effort.
    1. 'The match was hard fought with chances being missed by both sides.'
    2. 'The mayor also urged the children to study hard to prove that they deserved the scholarships.'
    3. 'Basically back then, all I really needed to do was study hard and ensure that I got good grades.'
    4. 'My sister is studying very hard, but still has not passed her university entrance exams.'
    5. 'The city tries its best to be considerate to these students, who have studied hard for years.'
    6. 'Laura fought hard to breathe deeply and not panic.'
    7. 'It's an event I would dearly love to win again and I'll be trying hard this time round.'
    8. 'The kids are putting in the effort, working hard, but are being short-changed.'
    9. 'With the election set to take place on Thursday of this week, Labour and the Lib Dems have been campaigning hard.'
    10. 'But they are all working very hard in the gym.'
    11. 'it was raining hard'
    12. 'Before he could react, she punched him hard in the stomach.'
    13. 'The guard was hit so hard that the blow left a dent on his safety helmet.'
    14. 'Quickly I dropped to one knee and punched him hard in his chest before he could stand.'
    15. 'He hit the ground incredibly hard and shattered both his legs but was otherwise unharmed aside from some bruising.'
    16. 'His intensity is really appreciable and he hits the ball extremely hard.'
    17. 'It had been a glorious day, with the sun beating down hard and only a light wind on the loch.'
    18. 'My dad got up from his chair and slapped me hard across the face.'
    19. 'The wind was blowing quite hard, but there wasn't any rain coming from the total cloud cover.'
    20. 'Once I did recover I pulled back and slapped him hard across the face.'
    21. 'The car hit the kerb so hard the wheels were ripped off and split in two.'
    So as to be solid or firm.
    1. 'Everything is frozen hard and the snow lies on the ground all the time.'
    2. 'There have been nights where there was sweat on my towel which has frozen rock hard while I've been training.'
    3. 'He was lying on his back with the rope around his waist stretched tightly to where it disappeared into snow that was now set hard as concrete.'
    To the fullest extent possible.
    1. 'Most drivers were taught to pump the brakes and turn hard to the right or left in order to compensate for skidding.'
    2. 'It hit with a deafening roar, punching the ship sideways so violently that it rolled hard over to port.'


    A road leading down across a foreshore.
    1. 'Where hards form part of a name they often do so in combination with an adjective or a person's name.'


    1. not soft; solid and firm to the touch; unyielding to pressure and impenetrable or almost impenetrable.

    2. firmly formed; tight: a hard knot.

    3. difficult to do or accomplish; fatiguing; troublesome: a hard task.

    4. difficult or troublesome with respect to an action, situation, person, etc.: hard to please; a hard time.

    5. difficult to deal with, manage, control, overcome, or understand: a hard problem.

    6. involving a great deal of effort, energy,

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