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Feel intense dislike for.
  1. 'he was particularly hated by the extreme right'
  2. 'She didn't hate him, but severely disliked him most of the time.'
  3. 'Most of us were put through a system which led us to hate, or certainly dislike, the language which we should love.'
  4. 'It was almost as if writing movies had given people one more reason to hate me, or dislike or resent me.'
  5. 'I am not saying that you shouldn't dislike another team, but to hate another for no apparent reason is stupid.'
  6. 'I didn't mean to make people hate him, just dislike him sometimes.'
  7. 'Due to disliking or hating someone or simply being angry with them, we develop harmful thoughts directed at that person.'
  8. 'The boys didn't only hate me because I danced and was different, but because the girls loved me!'
  9. 'The German boys hate you, and I as one of them would like to tear you to pieces.'
  10. 'A camp young man and a grumpy mountain type who were the first on the island hated each other's guts.'
  11. 'I'm glad they found love, because they used to hate each other.'
  12. with infinitive 'I'd hate to live there'
  13. 'And this is the girl who used to hate thoughts of ill-will towards other living creatures, human or otherwise.'
  14. 'And in a mixed gym it isn't polite to mention you hate to hear men grunting, sweating and groaning next to you.'
  15. 'I hate to bother you'
  16. 'I hate to say this, but I can't be bothered to do an article this week.'
  17. 'I hate to bother you with it, dear readers, but right now I can think of nothing else.'
  18. 'I can't hate on them for trying something new'
  19. 'Those who are PC haters can have a blast shooting at the PCs littered around with your weaponry.'
  20. 'Can you believe that there are these haters on the internet with an entire website dedicated to being mean to Andrew?'


Intense dislike.
  1. 'However, you should never lose your temper out of hate for the enemy.'
  2. 'They are articulated with energy and in a way that often crosses the line between criticism of opposing belief systems and expressions of contempt and hate for political opponents.'
  3. 'Discourtesy was the cornerstone of Mercer's hate for the world.'
  4. 'Then becoming so consumed with hate for them, she went psychotic.'
  5. 'I think it has to do with his hate for falsity in people.'
  6. 'The father was blinded by rage and had nothing but a stare that was glaring with hate for what he believed had happened.'
  7. 'I mean, we met in the third grade and bonded over our mutual hate for the class bully, Johnny Donovan.'
  8. 'I have a serious, blood-boiling hate for Shrek.'
  9. 'The isolation restricts your mind and you're likely to become a very angry, bitter recluse full of hate for others as well as yourself.'
  10. 'And the strange thing was I still did not know what had sparked off her intense hate for me.'
  11. 'a hate campaign'
  12. 'They must avoid bad tactics of slander, dirty tricks, smear campaign and hate speeches that discourage citizens to participate in politics.'
  13. 'A zero tolerance campaign to stop race hate attacks, domestic violence and attacks on elderly, disabled and vulnerable people will start in Bradford next year.'
  14. 'A national hate campaign began against the economic migrants who were posing as refugees.'
  15. 'Freedom, unless it gets squandered in the name of fear or defiance, will endure long after this fragile, rootless hate campaign has burned itself to ashes.'
  16. 'A couple today told how they were pushed to breaking point by a vindictive neighbour who waged a 15-month hate campaign against them.'
  17. 'A tribunal was told Mr Carroll was subjected to an intense hate campaign after he was exposed as the fireman telling bosses of an alleged scam at Horwich station, near Bolton.'
  18. 'The man at the centre of the gay row splitting the Church of England told Manchester supporters of the hate campaign against him.'
  19. 'Even in most democracies, it has become accepted, indeed constitutionally enshrined, that freedom of speech ends where hate speech begins.'
  20. 'If Microsoft carried out an anti hate speech campaign it would reassure a lot of parents.'
  21. 'Three people were killed and 129 injured during his two-week hate campaign targeted at minority communities.'
  22. 'Top hates were the lack of public transport, ‘not enough to do’ and ‘anti-youth prejudice.’'
  23. 'My pet hates are drivers who feel their way around in dusk or thick mists of rain without lights; and those who drive with headlights and front fog lights on clear nights.'
  24. 'She spends her spare time dreaming up anti - hobbies; politically correct organisations and human rights to store in her hutch of pet hates.'

More definitions

1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.

2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it. verb (used without object), hated, hating.

3. to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility. noun

4. intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

5. the object of extreme aversion or hostility. adjective

6. noting or relating to acts that a

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be hate for fantasies."

"people can be hate."

"gods can be hate."


Old English hatian (verb), hete (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch haten (verb) and German hassen (verb), Hass ‘hatred’.