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Giving or ready to give help.
  1. 'helpful staff'
  2. 'He is the helpful neighbour, willing to do a bit of shopping for the arthritic old lady next door.'
  3. 'The commission found staff were helpful and had been trained in customer care.'
  4. 'He employed a lot of people from the area and is known to be a generous and helpful man.'
  5. 'She is so honest and helpful and she will not force anything on you, just to sell it.'
  6. 'Hospital staff were as helpful as they could be, but they never seemed to have enough time to talk to me.'
  7. 'He goes out of his way to be as helpful as possible to anyone who seeks his advice or assistance.'
  8. 'The staff who dealt with my meals were extremely helpful, as were the cleaning orderlies.'
  9. 'The captain is compassionate and helpful, and Viola herself responds to him warmly.'
  10. 'He has a large circle of friends and is kind, helpful and a wise guru to many.'
  11. 'She accepted that while some of her friends were also helpful, a lot of people her age were not.'
  12. 'Where it may be helpful, legal representation paid for out of public funds is available.'
  13. 'It may be helpful if a friend can provide an eyewitness account of the event.'
  14. 'It would have been helpful if we had received it a little earlier.'
  15. 'The absence of dairy products is also very helpful if you suffer from skin complaints such as eczema.'
  16. 'His helmet was helpful for keeping him warm.'
  17. 'It may be helpful for a friend or relative to get involved in the treatment.'
  18. 'One of its goals is to deliver friendlier and more helpful computing services to society.'
  19. 'If provided, varietal information on packets would be just as helpful as that on wine labels.'
  20. 'Thus the test does not seem to be helpful when assessing patients with urological symptoms.'
  21. 'A little adrenaline can be useful but stress is generally not healthy or helpful.'


1. giving or rendering aid or assistance; of service: Your comments were very helpful.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be helpful to people."

"people can be helpful in things."

"people can be helpful in informations."

"uses can be helpful in things."

"measurements can be helpful in things."

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