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Free of deceit; truthful and sincere.
  1. 'Even unusually honest journalists are not free of faults.'
  2. 'It is becoming hard to find genuinely honest and readable accounts of football.'
  3. 'Unfortunately these two characters are unable to take it any further, they can't be intimate or truthful or completely honest and open about their lives.'
  4. 'This book contains an emotionally riveting, devastatingly honest, and morally compelling answer.'
  5. 'As an independent organisation we offer the frank, robust and honest opinions of supporters.'
  6. 'Hornish also can rely on his father's experience and honest, straightforward opinions.'
  7. 'Harley shrugged, but then decided to give her his honest, sincere reply.'
  8. 'In his dealings with parents he was always approachable, sincere and honest.'
  9. 'Len tilted his head and looked at me, looking sincere and honest.'
  10. 'For a transaction of this magnitude to be successful, all parties involved must be honest, sincere and truthful to one another.'
  11. 'In general, focus group discussions consisted of honest, open and frank opinions of what the students thought about the class.'
  12. 'There are many thousands of good, decent, honest, unemployed people who are law-abiding and that never ever broke the law in their lives.'
  13. 'Poverty is by no means something to be looked down upon, especially when one is earning a living through honest labour.'
  14. 'But, you also have been seen as ethical, trustworthy and honest.'
  15. 'He was decent, honest, trustworthy, and quite handsome.'
  16. 'However, if the person has shown himself to be reliable, trustworthy, and honest, you can be far more confident that he will keep his word.'
  17. 'They often needed a greater amount of working capital to pay wages or purchase raw materials, which depended on a reputation for trustworthiness and honest dealing.'
  18. 'The vast majority of postal workers are decent, honest, law-abiding people.'
  19. 'Mick had a life of hard work and honest endeavour.'
  20. 'What is forgotten in most of the talk about litter on our streets and indiscriminate dumping is that it is the law-abiding, honest and upright members of the community that have to pay to have it cleaned up.'
  21. 'References attached to the form described him as ‘reliable, honest and trustworthy’.'
  22. 'He had a reputation of being ‘a reliable, honest and tactful official’.'
  23. 'All but four members of the commission said that the last election was fair and honest.'
  24. 'You're honest, reliable, trustworthy, intelligent, and very handsome as well.'
  25. 'He'll just have to earn an honest living when he grows up.'
  26. 'It's a perfect example of how conservative elites are out of touch with the reality of people who do earn an honest living.'
  27. 'Like many other Sikh Americans, Amric Singh, wants to earn an honest living while helping his surrounding community.'
  28. 'All the refugees on the project's books have one thing in common - a desire to get a job and earn an honest living.'
  29. 'Big oil is not to blame if governments and insurgents refuse to put down the guns and start earning an honest wage.'
  30. 'She was always under the delusion that Edward was earning an honest living in London, and I never had the heart to tell her the truth.'
  31. 'These are innocent people just trying to earn an honest living, but who end up the real victims.'
  32. 'Practitioners lead normal family lives, work hard for honest pay and aim to behave as good people in all situations and circumstances.'
  33. 'And the woman draws herself up and delivers a stirring dialogue on her right to stay there and earn an honest living.'
  34. 'They are struggling to earn an honest living in this capital, the same as the rest of us.'
  35. 'he'd made an honest mistake'
  36. 'But at least it had the benefit of honest if misguided passion.'
  37. 'However, as Justice Young's judgement makes clear, there was much worse than an honest mistake involved in the police decision to search my house.'
  38. 'It's one thing to cheat and one thing to make an honest mistake, especially when everybody watching on TV knew that they had mixed up their score cards.'
  39. 'The forums were honest, objective attempts to address the facts, and they have succeeded beyond our expectations.'
  40. 'I knew at the time that it could not have been an honest mistake but at Shirley's trial that was not the issue.'
  41. 'My flirtation with him was an honest mistake.'
  42. 'Bob's position was an honest attempt to achieve something real.'
  43. 'The idea that this was an honest mistake, as he now claims, is ridiculous.'
  44. 'The Progressive Democrat leader said the proposal was a fair and honest attempt to deal with the issue and she was disappointed it did not receive a broad consensus of support.'
  45. 'In most circumstances, they are honest mistakes made by writers and editors under the pressures of strict deadlines and unrelenting workloads.'
  46. 'It proves that the best food is honest food, made to uncomplicated recipes using the best ingredients.'
  47. 'I'm partial to having fish filleted before me, but a good, simple, honest pan of crêpes Suzette is tough to beat.'
  48. 'Central to this lifestyle is authentic and honest food and wine.'
  49. 'It is a humble but honest place, with food more hearty than fancy, and prices appealing to mere mortals and theatrical luminaries alike.'
  50. 'In all the nostalgic celebrations, the impression is inevitably created that blues is some kind of touchstone for a simpler and more honest past: feel-good music for white people.'
  51. 'It is an honest, simple pie, and we extol its simplicities.'


Used to persuade someone of the truth of something.
  1. 'I've been neglecting my journal but I'm determined to try harder, honest.'


1. honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair: an honest person.

2. showing uprightness and fairness: honest dealings.

3. gained or obtained fairly: honest wealth.

4. sincere; frank: an honest face.

5. genuine or unadulterated: honest commodities.

6. respectable; having a good reputation: an honest name.

7. truthful or creditable: honest weights.

8. humble, plain, or unadorned. 9. Archaic. chaste; virtuous.

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"people can be honest with people."

"people can be honest with yourselfs."

"people can be honest with herselfs."

"places can be honest with places."

"people can be honest with others."

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Middle English (originally in the sense ‘held in or deserving of honour’): via Old French from Latin honestus, from honos (see honour).


earn (or turn) an honest penny
make an honest woman of
to be honest