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Of great significance or value.
  1. 'it is important to avoid monosyllabic answers'
  2. 'Glass is not the only transparent material, but it may have been the most important.'
  3. 'As we look into these issues it is important that we never lose sight of our basic values.'
  4. 'From this point of view, it is also very important to practice compassion and patience.'
  5. 'No one group has a monopoly on useful perspectives so an effective mix of views is important.'
  6. 'This might sound basic, but remember to make up backup copies of those important files.'
  7. 'It's important to exercise at least three times a week to avoid problems with the heart.'
  8. 'These things are obviously important to us all and we turn our back on the consequences at our peril.'
  9. 'It was an important game for me just to show that I could play in a bigger team.'
  10. 'To me the writing is more important than wondering whether anyone is actually reading.'
  11. 'I was made to feel an important part of the team, even though I was just tapping a computer.'
  12. 'an important senator'
  13. 'I know how to behave in front of important people and how to behave in everyday life.'
  14. 'As one of his closest companions, Anne became an important member of the new regime.'
  15. 'He was hosting a dinner at his home in Garon for several important figures in Azareal.'
  16. 'The only time it was ever used was when my father had important people dining with him for business.'
  17. 'So we asked our own oracle to look at the year ahead for some of the most important people in Irish business.'
  18. 'Pupils met the most important citizen in the district when he paid a visit to their school.'
  19. 'The most important leader in every large church was a bishop who supervised other clergy.'
  20. 'Each anecdote seems designed to remind us we are in the presence of a clever and important man.'
  21. 'Since then, he has fought his way back into credit and is now an important member of staff.'
  22. 'You really can't have an important person slacking off like that in a time of crisis.'
  23. 'It is a fine addition to a growing body of work by one of Lakeland's most important authors.'
  24. 'I hope we can be remembered as an important band, or people who do their own thing.'
  25. 'Some of his most important work was carried out while he held this post in Heidelberg.'
  26. 'It would almost seem that he accomplished his body of important work without effort.'


1. of much or great significance or consequence: an important event in world history.

2. mattering much (usually followed by to): details important to a fair decision.

3. entitled to more than ordinary consideration or notice: an important exception.

4. prominent or large: He played an important part in national politics.

5. of considerable influence or authority, as a person or position: an important scientist.

6. having social position or distinction, as a person

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be important to people."

"places can be important for places."

"issues can be important to people."

"polls can be important on levels."

"issues can be important to strengths."

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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin important- ‘being of consequence’, from the verb importare (see import).