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Feeling or showing love or great care.
  1. 'the cargo was described in loving detail'
  2. 'There's absolutely nothing unmanly about wanting to make the world a more loving place.'
  3. 'Deepest sympathy is accorded to her loving family and all that regret her passing.'
  4. 'She had grown up in a loving family and knew that love and care were two different words.'
  5. 'As she approached her friend, she was met with her very own loving embrace.'
  6. 'We both lost our fathers when we were young and were blessed with loving mothers.'
  7. 'One day she would be the shining example of a loving wife and mother.'
  8. 'It was the kind of night whose fresh, warm air invited lovers to stroll the parks and share loving embraces.'
  9. 'Sometimes the cover version is done by an artist as a loving homage to a performer they admire.'
  10. 'Behind every successful woman, there's often a loving family that offers support.'
  11. 'Her work was to provide the gentle commentary, as well as the loving voice of the mother.'


1. feeling or showing love; warmly affectionate; fond: loving glances.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be loving to people."

"people can be loving in/at/on summers."

"people can be loving in/at/on minutes."

"people can be loving throughout lives."

"people can be loving away from jobs."

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