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Having many sides or aspects.
  1. 'The situation in war fluctuates, it is many-sided and contradictory; it blends together the essential and the superficial, the law-governed and the fortuitous, the old and the new.'
  2. 'It grew out of the relativism that was originally promoted as a means in the search for a many-sided truth.'
  3. 'Listen to his many-sided Falstaff portrayal in the Verdi, too.'
  4. 'In almost all national revolutions, the idea of freedom is many-sided.'
  5. 'Just as power was ubiquitous in society and repression many-sided, so the struggle against it would have to tackle it from all angles, including ecologism, regionalism, anti-racism, feminism, and the gay movement.'
  6. 'This is the secret God has concealed in his bosom, and his many-sided wisdom is displaying so that all of the angels and even all of the demons, Satan himself, can look and see the wisdom of God's plan.'
  7. 'Whatever the case, the councils and congresses called for the purposes of making treaties were often many-sided exhibitions of generosity, oratory, and military might.'
  8. 'Walking is a many-sided pleasure and essential for those who lead a sedentary life.'
  9. 'The many-sided interests - art, history, technical and military - have resulted in a wide and diverse audience that is sure to be satisfied with the variety and quality of this exhibition.'
  10. 'But when you do that, it turns out to be a rich and many-sided thing.'



1. having many sides.

2. having many aspects: a many-sided question.

3. having many interests, qualities, accomplishments, etc.; versatile: The typical person of the Renaissance was many-sided.

More examples(as adjective)

"reasons can be many-sided."

"qualities can be many-sided."

"principles can be many-sided."

"pictures can be many-sided."

"phenomena can be many-sided."

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