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Require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.
  1. with present participle 'this shirt needs washing'
  2. 'Another population of Asiatic lions is desperately needed in order to safeguard the survival of this subspecies.'
  3. 'In a society where instant gratification is the norm, patience is a value our children sorely need to learn.'
  4. 'The team now needs to understand the reasons for this.'
  5. 'Indeed this is the precise opposite of what children currently need to learn.'
  6. 'At least one clarification is needed at this point, however.'
  7. 'There is a pressing need to improve mechanisms to effectively prevent and deter acts of terrorism.'
  8. '"He'll probably need counselling, " I whisper to the Boss.'
  9. 'Volunteers are needed to ensure Toys for Tots is a successful campaign.'
  10. 'Each attack requires a costly clean-up, using money which is desperately needed for other purposes.'
  11. 'In most hospitals the number of patients needing treatment far exceeded the number of cots available.'
  12. 'Clinicians need to understand that this recommendation can reduce the risk of errors.'
  13. 'Volunteers are needed to look after some of Wiltshire's most popular historical sites.'
  14. 'I don't need your sarcasm'
  15. 'And some companies are still hiring graduates because they do not need employees who have unrelated work experience.'
  16. 'God knows our players do not need their egos inflating any further.'
  17. 'Leeds FC do not need players like him and maintaining him will only continue to diminish and ultimately possibly ruin the reputation of Leeds FC.'
  18. 'We do not need our emotions manipulated any more than they have been.'
  19. 'We do not need roads filled with NBC - 2 vehicles containing anchorites powdering their noses in rear view mirrors.'
Expressing necessity or obligation.
  1. 'all you need bring are sheets'
  2. 'You need only go one stop on the tube to find a very different Britain.'
Be necessary.


    Circumstances in which something is necessary; necessity.
    1. with infinitive 'there's no need to cry'
    2. 'Recently, I predicted that there was a need for Internet switching ability in a mobile phone.'
    3. 'Some people felt there would be a need for security cameras if the shop were re-opened.'
    4. 'There is a need for us to continuously upgrade the quality of service we give to customers.'
    5. 'Clearly there is a need for a better understanding between the police and the community.'
    6. 'There was a need for emergency type accommodation in Laois under the new strategy.'
    7. 'In an Australian context, we have a need for a final school year subject of this kind.'
    8. 'It advises that in cases involving some therapies there is a need for the public to be warned of any possible dangers.'
    9. 'In these circumstances there is no need for an urgent debate on the subject today.'
    10. 'Chen also said the collision underlined the dire need for military confidence-building measures in the Taiwan Strait.'
    11. 'It is apparent even from the outside that there is a need for a change on the Sligo-Dublin line.'
    A thing that is wanted or required.
    1. 'Universities must adapt to serve the changing needs of their users, as defined in some version of a market.'
    2. 'Sadly, the band's most recent work satisfies this desperate need to an alarming degree.'
    3. 'We must take responsibility for the consequences of how we fulfill our basic human needs.'
    4. 'In all cases, projects are anchored to the curriculum and serve an unmet need in the community.'
    5. 'Petitioners were particularly concerned about children with special educational needs being co-located with Greenhead.'
    6. 'They understand that basic human needs are immediate - red tape doesn't feed a hungry person.'
    7. 'He explained that there were more than enough resources to satisfy all basic human needs.'
    8. 'Ely highlights specific needs of the students age 25 and older.'
    9. 'I am from England, of course, and, as such, consider rain to be part of my daily needs.'
    10. 'I mean, he's already on the road holding town meetings on children's healthcare needs.'
    11. 'Make a real effort to understand your client's needs, goals and objectives.'
    The state of requiring help, or of lacking basic necessities such as food.
    1. 'children in need'
    2. 'Dependent on their families, they simply didn't know who to turn to in their hour of need.'
    3. 'It was fortunate that, in its hour of need, the country was able to call upon so capable a man.'
    4. 'It is easy to see why the First Minister turned to Ward in an hour of need.'
    5. 'Back in 1990, 375 people were accepted as homeless and in " priority housing need " in Southampton.'
    6. 'Flo is just the kind of player Peter Reid didn't require in his hour of need.'
    7. 'We also know what cabinet ministers promised to succor them in their hour of need.'
    8. 'She's been a tower of strength to me in my hour of need and is a true friend.'
    9. 'The Storm boss pleaded with supporters to stop moaning and get out and support the team in their hour of need.'
    10. 'If Otley fails to support its own in their hour of need or joy then it is a disgraceful state of affairs.'
    11. 'I just hope that I can be of some small assistance to them in this their most urgent hour of need.'

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    1. a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation: There is no need for you to go there.

    2. a lack of something wanted or deemed necessary: to fulfill the needs of the assignment.

    3. urgent want, as of something requisite: He has no need of your charity.

    4. necessity arising from the circumstances of a situation or case: There is no need to worry.

    5. a situation or time of difficulty; exigency: to help a friend in need; to be a friend in need.

    6. a condition marked by the

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    "supports can be needing."

    "cares can be needing."

    "solutions can be needing."

    "restructurins can be needing."

    "policies can be needing."

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    (need)Old English nēodian (verb), nēod, nēd (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch nood and German Not ‘danger’.


    at need
    had need
    have need of/to do something
    if need be
    in need of