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Fail to care for properly.
  1. 'Mr Bradley said the responsible adult was guilty of neglecting the child in their care and should be prosecuted.'
  2. 'Faith knew that she was neglecting the people that cared about her but she couldn't help it.'
  3. 'Castledermot is looking nicely spruced up, although some premises are sadly neglected, and in need of a face lift.'
  4. 'Wilson's is one of the most incisive, informed texts on the man who is still neglected and forgotten.'
  5. 'Small wonder that sometimes patients slip through the net of care and are shamefully neglected.'
  6. 'And I feel like I have neglected my blog, having not updated properly all week.'
  7. 'Some people may also neglect their own personal care and hygiene.'
  8. 'He could have put me into care or neglected me or something.'
  9. 'This worked well when properly supervised but failed when neglected.'
  10. 'Keepers initially feared that first-time mother Kamlesh may have neglected the infants or failed to bond with them.'
  11. 'you neglect our advice at your peril'
  12. 'The current absence of evidence from randomised trials should not be used as an excuse for neglecting basic care for patients with stroke.'
  13. 'An overemphasis on any one level of care will neglect issues of great importance.'
  14. 'After all, post elections, the governor has seen the fate of governments which have neglected these areas.'
  15. 'Of course, Sanders is also taking care not to neglect the bowling side of the operation.'
  16. 'He neglected his duty to the peace and failed to monitor and mould our involvement with the US government and its forces.'
  17. 'And there has been a disproportionate swing on focus - the focus should have moved to borough but it is disproportionately so and it is neglecting some other key areas of business.'
  18. 'And don't neglect proper funding of scientific research - after all, that is the cornerstone of a knowledge economy.'
  19. 'We have set up a youth initiative in an area neglected by traditional youth systems.'
  20. 'Over the years, I neglected that area because I wasn't thinking about it as a judged part.'
  21. 'As such, we may pay close attention to our physical health while neglecting other areas of human experience.'
  22. 'This same article neglects to mention the average weekly admittance through alcohol-related injuries, a little more severe than the pill related ‘illnesses’.'
  23. 'During the rigid examinations, inspectors regularly fail the trainees for neglecting to clip all strings out of the inside of their shirt pockets and failing to shine both sides of their brass belt buckles.'
  24. 'As for the Integrity Act, while it spells out the definition of corruption, it neglects to state any sanctions for government officials found guilty of abusing their office.'
  25. 'He insists that he'll not be in a particular hurry - though he neglects to mention whether he'll pick it up a gear if, approaching Loch Lomond, he realises that the Lions are about to kick off.'
  26. 'But he neglects to tell us how this was achieved.'
  27. 'If you provide enough disk storage, an entire backup run can proceed on schedule even when a tape drive fails or when somebody neglects to load the expected tapes.'
  28. 'She should have felt those petals, but sorry, this author neglected to write that detail.'
  29. '‘If a member of the public neglects to mention that they are taking a herbal remedy when purchasing a prescription medicine the implications could be very serious indeed,’ she said.'
  30. 'With his usual lack of concreteness, however, he neglects to point out that the most important present challenge to this country comes from the danger of terrorism itself and the priorities it imposes on us.'
  31. 'For example, he neglects to mention (or perhaps space did not permit) that one of the flaws of manual counting is being deliberately imported into the computerised and supposedly more accurate system.'


The state of being uncared for.
  1. 'There was an air of neglect around the place as it was slowly and silently crumbling.'
  2. 'An air of neglect hung over the whole complex, almost completely masking the grandeur of the original plan.'
  3. 'Further along the river, villages tell the story of neglect and abandonment and a people living in abysmal conditions.'
  4. 'The photo below is of a building in central Havana that collapsed yesterday after decades of neglect and deterioration.'
  5. 'Many had died from nearly three years of neglect, hunger, disease, and torture at the hands of the Japanese.'
  6. 'The cottage door had been newly painted but, in the grey of the afternoon, the bedraggled vines that clung to the brickwork gave the place an air of neglect.'
  7. 'It will not only record, but also highlight the true extent of empty buildings, derelict shops, empty houses, other signs of neglect and lack of important services.'
  8. 'Children born into trauma, loss, deprivation and neglect, begin this way.'
  9. 'Guyana, although rich in natural resources, has suffered from neglect and lack of investment over the last thirty years.'
  10. 'Nothing looked the same and a vague air of neglect and disrepair hung over the streets, businesses, and homes.'
  11. 'she was accused of child neglect'
  12. 'Medical neglect occurs when medical care is withheld.'
  13. 'Our older guys who have fallen on hard times are not only the victims of alcohol dependence or psychiatric illness but also familial neglect and institutional neglect.'
  14. 'A jury at Chelmsford Coroners Court yesterday returned a unanimous verdict of accident contributed to by system neglect.'
  15. 'It was the first time in more than eight years that an inquest in the city had recorded a verdict of neglect on a patient who had been cared for at a local hospital.'
  16. 'A family told of their anguish last night after an inquest jury found neglect at a Sheffield care home had contributed to the tragic death of a stroke patient hours after his emergency buzzer was taken away.'
  17. 'Come on city council, show that you care before a tragedy exposes your neglect.'
  18. 'In her words, ‘We are now reaping the whirlwind, the just reward for our scorn, and our neglect,’ during that time.'
  19. 'The police received a complaint from the Dutch Party for Animals against the horses' owner, who has been accused of neglect in the past.'
  20. 'A recent study by the Aid agency Care illustrates the scale of the West's neglect.'
  21. 'Disabled adults were subjected to a horrifying catalogue of abuse and neglect at a Yorkshire care home, a court heard yesterday.'
  22. 'If, for example, an allegation of neglect of duty is concerned, then very often it is not just the front line officer who is responsible but the supervisors and middle managers.'
  23. 'Earlier this year Janet and supporters marched on Downing Street in October to demand a public inquiry into Christopher's death after five police officers were cleared of neglect of duty.'
  24. 'There was a near total neglect of development by the last government, especially where the grassroots communities were concerned.'
  25. 'I only hope that no one was injured because of the brief and regretted irresponsible neglect of my Civic Duty in reporting that which I believe to be criminal.'
  26. 'I am well aware of the construction of this super edifice and suggest that 130 years of life would be an under-estimation, the recent neglect of roof repairs.'

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1. to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight: The public neglected his genius for many years.

2. to be remiss in the care or treatment of: to neglect one's family; to neglect one's appearance.

3. to omit, through indifference or carelessness: to neglect to reply to an invitation.

4. to fail to carry out or perform (orders, duties, etc.): to neglect the household chores.

5. to fail to take or use: to neglect no precaution. noun

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"works can be neglecting."

"ties can be neglecting."

"matters can be neglecting."

"lines can be neglecting."

"issues can be neglecting."

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(neglect)Early 16th century: from Latin neglect- ‘disregarded’, from the verb neglegere, from neg- ‘not’ + legere ‘choose, pick up’.