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Obtain or bring about by discussion.
  1. 'Rather, they were able to negotiate a settlement with the English which brought their conflict to an end.'
  2. 'The two do not discuss their animosities or attempt to negotiate a peace settlement.'
  3. 'The terror was constant, especially when it became clear that all attempts to negotiate a settlement had failed.'
  4. 'Over the next 2 1/2 months, we negotiated a settlement, which unfortunately I am not at liberty to describe in detail.'
  5. 'Instead, he and his attorney negotiated a deal before a formal indictment was brought against him.'
  6. 'It is unlikely to be contained by negotiating a settlement with the city for the same reasons there's been no settlement to date.'
  7. 'For a while the police tried to negotiate a way to bring the 65 year-old cleric out of jail and off to a new cell without confrontation.'
  8. 'A family law barrister close to the Crikey crew advises that many men attempt to talk down their earning capacity when they are negotiating settlements with former wives.'
  9. 'Neither will be signed in time for today's visit of Livingston, and given the precarious financial position at Dens Park, it is uncertain whether the Dark Blues can negotiate a package to bring the two players in.'
  10. 'Champagne glasses in hand, they announced that they had negotiated a settlement to the impending crisis.'
  11. 'they refused to negotiate with the rebels'
  12. 'But humoring allies counts for little in itself, and negotiating for its own sake has no appeal.'
  13. 'We have been negotiating for 18 months and then this came out of the blue.'
  14. 'I don't expect people I meet socially to address me as Mistress, unless they are negotiating for a scene with me.'
  15. 'The different caucuses should also negotiate and reach agreements between themselves in advance.'
  16. 'All they are negotiating for is the right to compete for third place.'
  17. 'Put in simple terms, he's negotiating for his survival.'
  18. 'And on the one hand, you might say it's about time that, you know, the Congress did something about negotiating for a better price for prescription drugs.'
  19. 'Crees have been negotiating for 26 years to get jurisdiction over the islands, but the talks have continuously broken down.'
  20. 'He said the biggest problem at the moment was the demand for aircraft arriving for maintenance work or when they were negotiating for new owners.'
  21. 'The trade authorities in the two countries have been negotiating for years and sometimes quarreled bitterly in the process.'
Find a way over or through (an obstacle or difficult route)
  1. 'During the evening, guests negotiated an obstacle course of mind games and computer problems.'
  2. 'I've found lately that much of the work I might do for myself is about trying to bring influences into my life, or negotiate whatever hurdles or obstacles there may be, so I can best live and act according to my nature.'
  3. 'Many had difficulty negotiating the cross-drive obstacle, where often it was not until they were almost upon it that is was clear whether the sheep were going through or around the outside.'
  4. 'All visiting dignitaries were required to negotiate an obstacle course.'
  5. 'She would also need to negotiate a safe route to the field.'
  6. 'Whatever the weather, the friendly drivers of the Ship and Anchor bus are happy to negotiate the route between 17th Avenue and the Jubilee Auditorium.'
  7. 'Over very rough terrain and in negotiating large obstacles, the combined gas and hydraulics suspension system provides a very smooth and comfortable ride.'
  8. 'However, the difficulties of negotiating the political obstacles to further reform of the CAP were clearly demonstrated in November 1995.'
  9. 'Relative hangovers are the topic of the day as Big Nosed B negotiates the back route to Phoenix with his usual driving aplomb and disregard for human or animal life.'
  10. 'Extra engineering work was needed to break through the concrete and negotiate the obstacle, resulting in a slight delay to the five-month project.'
Transfer (a cheque, bill, or other document) to the legal ownership of another person, who thus becomes entitled to any benefit.
  1. 'There's a resident standing in front of him negotiating his bill.'
  2. 'In our submission, that does not amount to drawing, accepting and negotiating a bill of exchange.'
  3. 'It demanded, however, that the bill be negotiated.'
  4. 'When the payee transfers or negotiates a bill, he is generally asked to indorse it.'

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1. to deal or bargain with another or others, as in the preparation of a treaty or contract or in preliminaries to a business deal. verb (used with object), negotiated, negotiating.

2. to arrange for or bring about by discussion and settlement of terms: to negotiate a loan.

3. to manage; transact; conduct: He negotiated an important business deal.

4. to move through, around, or over in a satisfactory manner: to negotiate a diffic

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"rates can be negotiating."

"terms can be negotiating."

"contracts can be negotiating."

"agreements can be negotiating."

"trades can be negotiating."

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(negotiate)Early 17th century: from Latin negotiat- ‘done in the course of business’, from the verb negotiari, from negotium ‘business’, from neg- ‘not’ + otium ‘leisure’.