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Relating to newborn children (or other mammals)
  1. 'Some concepts suggest an abnormality in Sertoli cells in the fetal or neonatal period.'
  2. 'A neonatal intensive care nurse will accompany the resident, as well as an intern.'
  3. 'Primary endpoints were neonatal respiratory distress syndrome and perinatal death.'
  4. 'High risk obstetrics and neonatal intensive care are high cost, low volume specialties.'
  5. 'Infants are traditionally wrapped up well when they are transferred from the delivery suite to the neonatal intensive care unit.'
  6. 'However, modern neonatal intensive care does allow the survival of many premature babies that would have perished in the past.'
  7. 'However, the incidence of neonatal sepsis is definitely cut down by these strategies.'
  8. 'One of the major advances in neonatal respiratory care is the introduction of surfactant.'
  9. 'Maternal and neonatal immunisation offer the best prospects for reducing vertical transmission.'
  10. 'We explored the association between time to pregnancy and neonatal death in the Danish national birth cohort.'


1. of or relating to newborn children.

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"units can be neonatal."

"mortalities can be neonatal."

"periods can be neonatal."

"screenings can be neonatal."

"deaths can be neonatal."

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