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A bird that is too young to leave its nest.
  1. 'cuckoo nestlings'
  2. 'Both of these nestlings were from the same nest, and the other two nestlings from this nest did match the female at all loci.'
  3. 'All nestlings were returned to their home nests at the end of each trial.'
  4. 'They are very aggressive and are able to take over nests and kill the eggs and nestlings of other birds.'
  5. 'Females built the nest and incubated alone, but both parents fed nestlings and fledglings.'
  6. 'This is fortunate, because house wren nestlings have prodigious appetites.'
  7. 'Supposedly, martens use a nest-box as a search image while hunting for nestlings and adult birds.'
  8. 'We returned nestlings to their nests and repaired cavities with duct tape.'
  9. 'So why do superb fairy-wrens appear to be unique in their ability to desert cuckoo nestlings?'
  10. 'Birds not ringed as nestlings were aged and sexed according to the method of Jenni and Winkler.'
  11. 'On our way out of campus, we stopped by Shroud and Bev's apartment to check on the House Finch nestlings.'

More definitions

1. a young bird not yet old enough to leave the nest.

2. a young child or infant.

More examples(as adjective)

"wings can be nestling."