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A piece of open-meshed material made of twine, cord, or something similar, used typically for catching fish or other animals.
  1. 'I pictured fishermen in boats hauling in their nets as fast as they were able with their thoughts of the darkness enveloping them.'
  2. 'Fishermen haul in their nets as they prepare to head back out to sea from the harbor located in the city of Suao located along Taiwan's east coast.'
  3. 'But he struggled instinctively like an animal under a net, and this blind struggle threw him out into a field.'
  4. 'Although I've lived in the Selby area for most of my life, I've never seen crowds of fisherman hauling nets of clams, mussels and tuna from the murky waters of the River Ouse.'
  5. 'A good fisherman weaves his own nets with twine and a needle made of whalebone.'
  6. 'The fishermen stand and haul the net with fish hanging from it.'
  7. 'The market opens out into a harbour where people swarm everywhere, mending nets and building brightly coloured boats.'
  8. 'The day's take is hauled in, the fish caught in their nets like words ‘in any order’ caught in a sentence.'
  9. 'He fished with a golden net drawn by cords woven of purple and scarlet threads.'
  10. 'Plenty of deep-sea animals other than giant squid have shown up in fishing nets without having been captured on film in their natural environment.'
  11. 'Insects were transferred from sweep nets to labeled plastic bags, frozen, and sorted to morphospecies.'
  12. 'Using sweep nets and aspirators the researchers collect insects and take them to a lab in Buenos Aires.'
  13. 'First, there is a series of computer composite images that depict different aspects of field research, such as catching insects with nets.'
  14. 'Sampling was conducted with a standard insect sweep net; each sample consisted of 100 sweeps made in a 180° arc.'
  15. 'good nets of roach, chub, and perch'
  16. 'Frank Atkinson led with a fine 27 lb 10 oz net of skimmers, rudd and small carp taken alternating worm, meat and pellet.'
  17. 'Good sport was to be had at Carpvale on Sunday where the club match on the front pond was won with a fine 75 lb net of carp from peg 70.'
A structure consisting of a net supported on a frame, forming the goal in games such as football.
  1. 'They have never failed to find the net at Boundary Park with Wadsworth in charge and have taken 14 points from a possible 18.'
  2. 'Football nets were used in goals for the first time, for a match in Bolton.'
  3. 'The Soviet Union basketball team displayed tremendous nerve to find the net in the disputed last seconds of the 1972 Olympic final.'
  4. 'Try as they might neither side could find the net and the game eventually went into the dreaded penalty shoot out.'
  5. 'He's seen him picking footballs out of the net in Highfield Road with alarming frequency.'
  6. 'He proceeded to turn his man and find the net for a great goal to level up the scoring after twelve minutes.'
  7. 'Although she could not find the net in the match against Zambia, in which she came on as a a substitute in the second half, Nonoh says she is hungry for goals.'
  8. 'In their 48 fixtures so far, the Blues have failed to find the net on just five occasions.'
  9. 'Storm's failure to find the net on a consistent basis is all the more surprising considering the proven track records of their offensive players.'
  10. 'In a much better second half performance Oaks piled on the pressure and had the majority of the play but could not find the net.'
  11. 'There were volleyball nets set up across the large room, and our teacher, Mr. Stetgon, quickly pulled us into four groups and assigned us to a court.'
  12. 'Sure enough, come noon on the day of the event, there were volleyball nets set up at the base of the hill, with teams aplenty ready to play some ball.'
  13. 'Rachel hit the volleyball back over the net, and glanced up only to see Jade leaning against the post, a silver knife in her hand.'
  14. 'Gone will be the trampolines, table tennis tables and badminton nets that occupy the main auditorium on weekday nights when there is no concert.'
  15. 'A high-pitched voice yelled as a tiny blonde hit the volleyball over the net.'
  16. 'You could also try rigging up a net to play volleyball, a hoop for basketball or invite some of your children's friends round for a game of rounders.'
  17. 'Our lead vehicle became stuck in a volleyball net.'
  18. 'Once at the flashlight tag meeting spot, between two poles ground into the sand on the lake where a volleyball net should have hung, we picked teams.'
  19. 'For entertainment, we set up a volleyball net, put up a set of makeshift soccer goals, and had a wide variety of board games.'
  20. 'We were all in agreement and began to set up the volleyball net.'
  21. as modifier 'a full net practice'
  22. 'He had observed me bowling well during the nets and so thought that I could try my hand this time in a regular game.'
  23. 'You can do only so much bowling in the nets, and I just have to see if they are willing to take the risk for the third Test.'
  24. 'he felt like a tightrope-walker without a net'
A fine fabric with a very open weave.
  1. 'Selecting a modern look, Deepika has chosen mostly chiffons, gossamer net, silk and georgettes for her debut at LIFW.'
  2. 'It tries to take us beyond the yellowing net curtains of their cramped tower-block flats, and into their living-rooms and bedrooms.'
  3. 'Is this why you've been investing in some net curtains for your kitchen?'
  4. 'Layers of stiff net petticoats went under taffeta strapless dresses that made waists look tiny.'
  5. 'We had no net curtains then, the neighbours always looked in when she turned on the lights.'
  6. 'For the light source, use a sunlit window with a thin voile net to soften the brightness of the sun.'
  7. 'Cut the front stay from a firmly woven cotton blend for light control or from mediumweight, girdle-like power net fabric for firm control.'
  8. 'The British Red Cross won the charity shop section with its festoon of red net, hearts and open book displaying information about Valentine's Day.'
  9. 'An eclectic mix of feminine flounce and frill, with models in georgettes, net and chiffons was the highlight.'
  10. 'Several pieces also feature attractive patterns, such as wide or fine vertical stripes, as well as net, square and doughnut designs.'
  11. 'The culmination of two years' work is a plastic hook which can be used, according to Mrs Clegg, with valances, curtains and nets.'
A means of catching someone; a trap.
  1. 'Only one girl had escaped the powerful net of her authority in her fifty year career, and that had been well nigh twenty years ago.'
  2. 'That they may escape the banking net is not necessarily a bad thing - it depends on whether this thwarts the legislative aims.'
  3. 'It's easy to speculate that he might have been allowed to escape the net because he knows too much about wrong-doing by others in the UN.'
  4. 'Finally, many criminals escape the judicial net, even though in the public eye they are criminals.'
  5. 'he spread his net far and wide in his long search for success'
  6. 'But Gilmore says he has every intention of spreading the artistic net.'
  7. 'That's very admirable, but he's spread his net far too wide.'
  8. 'People said spreading the net wide across the town was the best way of tracking down the hoodie attacker.'
  9. 'We decided to spread our net as wide as possible and try three starters.'
  10. 'Yesterday, for instance, it emerged that Lord Levy has now spread his net to the euro referendum and has begun fundraising for the ‘yes’ campaign.'
  11. 'And once legal personhood is secured for chimpanzees, Wise hopes to cast the net of legal rights wider.'
  12. 'And from what I know of his father, they'd not have wanted to spread their net too wide, lest he realize they were about.'
  13. 'Homeloans began as a broadly based financial services brokerage, but after six months Curry and Gavin realised they were spreading their net too wide.'
  14. 'The festival will spread its net wide across the six major cities of Scotland - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.'
  15. 'The question remains: why should whatever gave rise to the threat define the class of permissible victims when it is within our power to spread a wider net?'
A communications or broadcasting network, especially of maritime radio.
  1. 'And I guess the hardest question I ever asked anyone over a military radio net was the lieutenant, one of the wounded or killed?'
  2. 'And because the call was placed into a patch unit, it allowed us to link that net into other radio nets or telephone lines.'
  3. 'Even then the skipper has to be alert for out-of-season storm warnings, currently broadcast on a ham radio net.'
  4. 'Unit formations, command vehicles, radio nets and unit morale have no effect on the game play.'
  5. 'What types of radios and nets are we going to communicate with?'
  6. 'In the third period of the Great Patriotic War, the number of air army radio nets doubled by comparison with the first period.'
  7. 'Anyway, we managed on the same day to notify the local Coast Guard station, our insurance company and the French radio net.'
  8. 'The Guderian designed HF radio nets provided a level of command and control never before achieved on the battlefield.'
  9. 'Approval even came over the radio net to shoot dogs to prevent them from being rigged with explosives.'
  10. 'a computer news net'
  11. 'Every time I turned the channel, it seemed like there was another story about the computer intern net.'
  12. 'Security experts applauded the successful investigations but remained pragmatic about the impact the arrests will have on the increasing use of bot nets as a means to facilitate online crime.'
  13. 'Although it may be too technical for some, the book offers plenty of information for those looking to lock down their wireless nets.'
  14. 'With those two pieces of data, an attacker can impersonate a legitimate device on that wireless net.'
  15. 'As it is, some smaller nets are anticipating bandwidth charges considerably higher than they're prepared to deal with.'
  16. 'The EMC checking software in Cadstar 4.5 first identifies critical nets then analyses whether those nets will cause problems once they have been routed.'
  17. 'A worm capable of using webcams to spy on users is circulating across the Net.'
  18. 'It's a big task, given that only ten per cent of humans have access to the Net today.'
  19. 'Now with the Net, we can get identity theft and stolen Internet access into the bargain.'
  20. 'Around three per cent of companies had been involved in litigation from misuse of the Net.'
  21. 'Employees don't give a stuff about using their computers at work to access the Net.'
  22. 'It will also examine whether technology can be used to hit reduce the amount of spam clogging up the Net.'
  23. 'One group will use a whole range of devices to access the Net, the other group will have just one.'
  24. 'The journal is on the Net, but unfortunately you need a subscription to get access to the full text.'
  25. 'Almost half of those who accessed the Net used it for some type of e-commerce transaction.'
  26. 'People accessing the Net outside these hours will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.'


Catch (a fish or other animal) with a net.
  1. 'rabbits can be netted all the year round'
  2. 'Eventually I netted the fish which was a nice fully finned rainbow of about five pounds.'
  3. 'I managed to calm down the old ticker and successfully netted the fish, a marvellous Rudd of one pound twelve ounces, nearly three times bigger than any that I had ever caught previously!'
  4. 'After a good scrap, a short but extremely fat fish was netted.'
  5. 'Trapping or netting the fish can be dated back to the 12 th century, and though it was clear that over-fishing could lead to a decline in stocks, no one really knew why numbers went up or down.'
  6. 'Near such centres of population the fish are netted for local consumption, so the remaining fish are fewer and smaller.'
  7. 'As we were quite high up from the water we used a landing net with a twelve foot long telescopic handle so that we could safely net any fish that we caught.'
  8. 'They show in the puffy, jowly contours of his face and the seen-it-all weariness in the eyes but those eyes still light up at the prospect of pulling off an art heist that will net him millions.'
  9. 'They might catch the fish or net the bird but not consume it.'
  10. 'I grabbed the net moved downstream hoping to net the fish before it reached the snaggy zone and was in luck, quickly netting the fish.'
  11. 'In May this year he returned with colleagues to the sanctuary, where they were able to net two specimens.'
  12. 'they were netting the River Naver'
  13. 'If you see any one netting the river or killing Pike over 3 kilo then report it.'
  14. 'customs officials have netted large caches of drugs'
  15. 'A corruption crackdown has netted officials with ties to top leaders such as Li Peng, but no one close to Jiang has been implicated.'
  16. 'The sweep was successful in netting a large cache or weapons, explosives, ammunition, and other equipment.'
  17. 'Liu is the fourth top official of China's second largest lender to have been netted in Beijing's anti-graft campaign.'
(in sport) hit (a ball) into the net; score (a goal)
  1. 'But the 26-year-old Spartak Moscow midfielder deserved his stroke of luck as he netted his fifth international goal.'
  2. 'Shanahan already has scored 20 goals after netting only 31 goals and 58 points last season.'
  3. 'Simon Parke netted his sixth goal in six games in the win over Blyth Spartans and Mark Stuart grabbed his eighth of the season.'
  4. 'When the opportunity arose in the 27th minute Andre Emmanuel pounced on a loose ball and netted the first goal.'
  5. 'Ryan Robinson netted a consolation goal for the Huddersfield side from the penalty spot but it was too late to prevent Crag from taking all three points.'
  6. 'Gilbert Mushangazhike, the visitors' leading goal scorer, netted twice in the first half, but missed a penalty in the second half.'
  7. 'Fowler may have only netted six goals this season, but he has a handful of assists to his mane as well, and has also curbed his aggression, only picking up a single yellow card.'
  8. 'Whilst they are hardly prolific scorers netting only six goals, their defence has done well in only conceding eight goals the least number of goals conceded, a sorry sight when your team cannot find goals.'
  9. 'Earlier in the day, Naboye hammered Mungwi 3-0 with Ackim Tembo netting his fourth goal making him the tournament's top scorer.'
  10. 'Aiming for the fourth title of the season the local favourite netted a goal in each session, outplaying its bemused opponent.'
Cover with a net.

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    1. a bag or other contrivance of strong thread or cord worked into an open, meshed fabric, for catching fish, birds, or other animals: a butterfly net.

    2. a piece of meshed fabric designed to serve a specific purpose, as to divide a court in racket games or protect against insects: a tennis net; a mosquito net.

    3. anything serving to catch or ensnare: a police net to trap the bank robber.

    4. a lacelike fabric with a uniform mesh of cotton, silk, rayon, nylon, etc., often formin

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    (net)Old English net, nett, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch net and German Netz.


    slip (or fall) through the net