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A person or shop selling newspapers, magazines, confectionery, etc.
  1. 'The book will be on sale at newsagents and supermarkets as well as through charities, schools and community groups.'
  2. 'The winner could be anyone, from a newsagent in York city centre, to an off-licence in Pickering or a petrol station in Selby.'
  3. 'Every newsagent or corner store is full of an enormous choice of these, and they are inexpensive.'
  4. 'One boy went into a newsagent's shop and saw a magazine with a free gift attached to the cover.'
  5. 'State of the Arts is sold in select newsagents and bookshops nationally.'
  6. 'As well as tobacconists and newsagents, these shops also function as bars and cafes.'
  7. 'Point of sale was overlooked, leaving newsagents in the dark about the latest addition to the market.'
  8. 'About 50 traders such as butchers, bakers and newsagents close each week.'
  9. 'How can newsagents or bookshop managers possibly vet everything that they sell?'
  10. 'Other suppliers, such as newsagents, will only be able to sell them during limited periods.'

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1. newsdealer.

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"shops can be newsagents."

"groups can be newsagents."

"goodses can be newsagents."