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Noteworthy as news; topical.
  1. 'A journal editor, for example, has an interest in publishing controversial or newsworthy articles that will be quoted.'
  2. 'Well, because a newsworthy event without him in the news makes a politician shudder.'
  3. 'Observers noted that what made the event newsworthy was not that the Fed made an error.'
  4. 'The event was deemed newsworthy, with this report appearing in the Taranaki Herald two days later.'
  5. 'I'm not sure there's going to be anything else that is going to be newsworthy to call a press conference.'
  6. 'News is always more newsworthy if it could affect me, or you, or someone we know, or someone that they know.'
  7. 'Of course, it would be much more newsworthy if the headline were Dog Clones Man.'
  8. 'This is also true when they withhold, altogether, stories they know to be newsworthy and of public interest.'
  9. 'This is partly prejudice; but mostly, it's just that good news is considered less newsworthy.'
  10. 'Infinitely less important and less newsworthy stories were run instead.'


1. of sufficient interest to the public or a special audience to warrant press attention or coverage.

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"events can be newsworthy."

"stories can be newsworthy."

"people can be newsworthy."

"items can be newsworthy."

"institutions can be newsworthy."

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