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Cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.
  1. 'niggling aches and pains'
  2. 'So I made my way to our meeting ready to hammer them down, but my sense of fair play niggled at me.'
  3. 'I was about to reserve a nine-night all-inclusive package to Jamaica during the second week of March when something inside niggled until it came to me.'
  4. 'An insistent whisper niggles at his mind, and for a moment, the wind dies down.'
  5. 'No I don't, but it's one of those things that is niggling at the back of my mind.'
  6. 'It's always there, sitting at the back of your mind, niggling away at you.'
  7. 'It has always niggled at me about birds nest soup, how someone got the idea that climbing a 40 foot pole into a cave and removing a nest made of bird spittle and putting it in a broth would somehow be a good idea.'
  8. 'One thing that niggled at his mind was the bruises that covered her body.'
  9. 'I told her that I would let her know but something was niggling in the back of my mind that perhaps I had already committed to another invite.'
  10. 'Somehow, though, she planted this little seed of doubt which has niggled away at me.'
  11. 'She hears it every day, niggling and nagging in the back of her mind, reminding her that she failed.'


A trivial criticism, discomfort, or annoyance.
  1. 'he can only throw underarm at the moment because of a niggle'
  2. 'Yet despite the niggles and inconveniences morale remained high and 48 hours later with a tired crew and tired actors David approached the final scenes with the same unwavering enthusiasm and precision of the previous day.'
  3. 'It just made impatient about having to wait four weeks before being allowed to leave all my niggles and gripes behind.'
  4. 'In the light of that, my little niggles and the odd feelings of unhappiness seem pretty trivial.'
  5. 'He's got until next March, the street date for his Lion Hearts album, to sort these minor niggles out.'
  6. 'The City manager has given his players the weekend off in the absence of a fixture and said: ‘They need a couple of days off to get over niggles and knocks.’'
  7. 'I knew this was a good horse and this is the first time we have had a clear run with him as he has had various niggles and muscle problems.'
  8. 'But there has, in the past, been some niggles, such as the often interminable hassle of getting money for goods and services out of some Arab nations.'
  9. 'The memory of dining and walking in that glorious Danesfield setting will long outlast any reviewer's niggles, particularly as you aren't being paid to notice them.'
  10. 'But with niggles aplenty and late tackles proliferating, it was little surprise that Rutherford and Ruthven were to exchange penalties for dubious tackles throughout the game.'
  11. 'If there is a niggle, it's that disc one of the two-disc set doesn't have enough on it to properly reflect the scope of Death in Vegas’ work.'

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1. to criticize, especially constantly or repeatedly, in a peevish or petty way; carp: to niggle about the fine points of interpretation; preferring to niggle rather than take steps to correct a situation.

2. to spend too much time and effort on inconsequential details: It's difficult to be meticulous and not niggle.

3. to work ineffectively; trifle: to niggle with an uninteresting task.

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"people can be niggled with opinions."

"people can be niggled by doubts."

"people can be niggled at things."

"people can be niggled about parameters."

"people can be niggled."

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(niggle)Early 17th century (in the sense ‘do in an ineffectual way’): apparently of Scandinavian origin; compare with Norwegian nigla. Current senses date from the late 18th century.