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A person who is habitually active or wakeful at night.
  1. 'He adds, however, that he is not a night owl because he has to stay in training.'
  2. 'I was a night owl when I was 18, these days I'd rather be in bed at 1am than partying.'
  3. 'But Prince already was a finicky eater, and he says, ‘I'm definitely not a night owl.’'
  4. 'There is also a worthwhile network of night buses, especially in the centre of London which for the night owl are both frequent and comprehensive enough to be of real value.'
  5. 'I'm a night owl, and pretty much useless in the mornings.'
  6. 'I usually didn't wake up early enough for breakfast because I was a night owl and usually stayed up until around 4 in the morning and didn't wake up until noon.'
  7. '‘Because of the nature of my security business, I am a bit of a night owl and my company's name is Night Security so I combined the two to come up with the title for the new CD,’ he smiled.'
  8. 'I'm not a night owl,’ he commented, crawling into his sleep sack before falling asleep.'
  9. 'In the Blackwell's mansion, Toby was the night owl.'
  10. 'Nice to know that being a night owl has its merits.'

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1. a person who often stays up late at night; nighthawk.

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"lifestyles can be nightowl."


(night owl)