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An earthy pigment containing ferric oxide, typically with clay, varying from light yellow to brown or red.
  1. 'The tunic, jerkin and pleated skirt she was wearing were in shades of red: from almost brownish ochre to bright red trim.'
  2. 'Painting skin, stones, or twigs with clay or red ochre.'
  3. 'The palette is severely limited: blacks, grays, browns, and the acidic yellow ochre of the faces.'
  4. 'The most traditional way of coloring the runes would be with red ocher.'
  5. 'Each footstep raised a small cloud of dusty ochre Virginia clay, turning the olive drab of my fatigues a rusty red.'
  6. 'The Aztec courtesans used a pale yellow ochre powder on their faces to make them look beautiful.'
  7. 'Each painting is created using traditional ochre and natural pigments.'
  8. 'Visual entry to the central space is impeded by two thin horizontal lines in ocher and charcoal.'
  9. 'Décor is mostly soft ochre and saffron in colour, with contemporary furniture.'
  10. 'Materials we have seen include fine clay, ochre, and, especially, charcoal.'
  11. 'I used a mixture of green, sienna, brown and ochre.'
  12. 'The walls are freshly painted in strong colours from yellow to ochre, or pink and bright blue.'
  13. 'To his eye, the blue looked right, and that color prompted him to paint a neighboring square yellow ochre, and so on.'
  14. 'But the water is ochre in colour and tastes bitter.'
  15. 'What a strange ritual, I mused as the last of the drink seeped into the ground, producing an interesting ochre colour.'
  16. 'It will be a warm, ochre colour, not a deep shade, more golden than brown.'
  17. 'The concrete is coloured a warm ochre that recalls the traditional earthy hues of Toledo's buildings.'
  18. 'The white sky and weedy ocher landscape have the blurry quality of an out-of-focus photograph.'
  19. 'My skin is pink and my yellow hair turned ochre from the force of it.'
  20. 'When the first Aurovilians arrived, they were confronted with a parched barren ochre coloured landscape.'

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1. ocher.

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"bodies can be ochre against sides."

"walls can be ochre."

"umbers can be ochre."

"stones can be ochre."

"soils can be ochre."

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Middle English: from Old French ocre, via Latin from Greek ōkhra ‘yellow ochre’.