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Used to single out an individual member of a specified group or class.
  1. 'Radicals believed there should only be three large wards to stop certain powerful individuals controlling particular areas.'
  2. 'The attacks were generally very personal and adopted a sneering tone towards particular individuals.'
  3. 'The president has agreed to an examination by the members of that particular commission.'
  4. 'Looking around, I noticed waves of smell emanating from a particular individual, who was also shopping.'
  5. 'First, it's one thing to say individual people have particular traits that help us identify them.'
  6. 'It is an ideal opportunity for the general public to pay tribute to the hard work of particular individuals in their area of expertise.'
  7. 'Well, I'm not sure that this particular individual speaks for the entire military.'
  8. 'There are some, usually more sensitive individuals, who avoid particular passageways for this reason.'
  9. 'Which brings us back to where we started: What qualifies you to be a practicing member of a particular religion?'
  10. 'The problem is not a problem of particular individuals, but a broader societal and structural problem.'
Especially great or intense.
  1. 'Statistics about violence in intimate relationships should be treated with particular care.'
  2. 'The patrol leader should take particular care to explain each decision he made and each order he gave.'
  3. 'Take particular care when negotiating sharp bends, or features like railway bridges, which are more likely to be iced up'
  4. 'So take particular care with personal hygiene in the mornings.'
  5. 'It might be the opening of a door on your behalf or particular care with the wording of a letter.'
  6. 'Residents have been warned to take particular care when they go away on their summer holidays.'
  7. 'The policy material also lays stress on the particular care with which applications for changes to residential use should be examined.'
  8. 'Caffrey took particular exception to these remarks because he was in love with an American girl, called Jessica, at the time.'
  9. 'The Descent is extremely well made on a technical level, with particular care taken with the sound and the visual texture.'
  10. 'This reinforces the view that it is incumbent upon those making these decisions to take particular care in both making and explaining them.'
Insisting that something should be correct or suitable in every detail; fastidious.
  1. 'Time and again he was particular about enhancing self-confidence of students.'
  2. 'I am very particular about sound and I hate to play in auditoriums that don't have a good system.'
  3. 'I just get very particular about having ample time to myself, to be not around people.'
  4. 'For any serial, I am very particular about the script being narrated to me.'
  5. 'A strict disciplinarian, he is particular about his health and is into yoga and meditation.'
  6. 'I get teased by all my colleagues for being so particular about the cleanliness of the shop.'
  7. 'Sorry to be so particular about describing the packaging.'
  8. 'Bama's father, who was in the Indian army, was very particular about the children's education.'
  9. 'Ever wondered why the cat is so particular about settling territorial disputes in the dead of night when everyone is asleep?'
  10. 'Kobren is so particular about his hair that he refused to let anyone cut it for 12 years.'


A detail.
  1. 'It is necessary, as in the Hegelian method, to start from the abstract concept and go from there to the particular.'
  2. 'Painting bush requires a careful balance between the general and the particular.'
  3. 'If you remove the particular from these events and just think of them as Cool Stuff, then they're pleasingly regular and not rare at all.'
  4. 'In serious argument you cannot generalise from the particular.'
  5. 'So when we talk about race, we're torn between stereotypes ruthlessly deployed and seeking out the particular.'
  6. 'Let us separate the particular from the general and go back to my question.'
  7. 'If you would like to appear in the Pride London 2005 adverts, you can find all the details of where to send your particulars (name, address, photograph etc) here.'
  8. 'There are some subtle disagreements among us on some of the particulars, naturally, just as there are among conservative originalists.'
  9. 'All of the normal difficulties of ethical life remain, and they can be solved only by means of a detailed understanding of the particulars of each situation.'
  10. 'Don't worry about it, Matty'll inform you on the particulars of your assignment tomorrow night.'
  11. 'The statement was not on the record, and it addressed few of the particulars you now raise immediately after the fact.'
  12. 'But it doesn't really matter in the particulars, because it's all totally, utterly subjective.'
  13. 'I find myself uninterested in technique - the particulars of better arm-twisting and wrist-bending.'
  14. 'To that end, the USDA typically keeps the information about the particulars of recalls as confidential.'
  15. 'I conducted a voir dire at the request of the accused to determine the origin of this information and further particulars.'
  16. 'The motion should also give detailed particulars of the violation or crime allegedly committed.'
An individual item, as contrasted with a universal quality.
  1. 'The claim that there are no universals apart from particulars needs to be understood in context.'
  2. 'In Chapter 19, I examine various accounts of the first of these distinctions and raise the question of whether we really need to include both universals and particulars in our ontology.'
  3. 'Philosophers who agree with a conception of events as particulars typically distinguish different sorts of such particulars.'


1. of or relating to a single or specific person, thing, group, class, occasion, etc., rather than to others or all; special rather than general: one's particular interests in books.

2. immediately present or under consideration; in this specific instance or place: Look at this particular clause in the contract.

3. distinguished or different from others or from the ordinary; noteworthy; marked; unusual: She sang with particular warmth at last evening's concert.

4. exceptio

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be particular to countries."

"widows can be particular about things."

"warranties can be particular to places."

"voices can be particular to fictions."

"values can be particular to eachs."

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Late Middle English: from Old French particuler, from Latin particularis ‘concerning a small part’, from particula ‘small part’.


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