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Of the nature or appearance of a peach.
  1. 'He was wearing a black, woollen knee length overcoat, dark jeans and an orange or peachy coloured long sleeve shirt.'
  2. 'For example people with blonde, auburn or ginger-brown hair are warm and should choose peachy, coral or orange pinks.'
  3. 'Beth, a local belle with peachy cheeks, is casting a line.'
  4. 'My first glimpse was of her bottom and what a peachy bum it is!'
  5. 'Sal paused. ‘I'd kiss you now, but you're wearing plum and I'm all peachy and we'd end up a fruit salad.’'
  6. 'The cosy kitchen is painted in a peachy terracotta she mixed herself.'
  7. 'Shiraz Viognier is not a rosé, but a red made using a small amount of Viognier - usually 5-10%, all that is needed for the peachy Viognier to add perfume.'
  8. 'It's creamy and peachy with a little touch of oak.'
  9. 'Ripe, floral peachy aromas with distant soft buttery scents offers up lemon tinged almond flavours that roll on to a lingering mineral edge on the finish.'
  10. 'Long winter trousers are here for now so you can hide your shameful peachy skin.'
Attractive; excellent.
  1. 'The policy is some way past the whiteboard stage, and everybody is just peachy with it, whatever it is.'
  2. 'Musically, the album is pretty peachy, and there are very few weak songs.'
  3. 'Other areas of my life are less peachy.'
  4. 'Instead I'll assure you that everything is just peachy and I don't have a thing to complain about!'
  5. 'It also appears that as time's gone on, things have become less peachy between the speaker and the government.'
  6. 'I think last year I wrote some nauseating guff about how lovely and peachy it all is, and how single people should be jolly happy and all the rest, because I was all loved up with Marianne.'
  7. 'I'd break free of all my complexes, become one of those amazingly self possessed seniors I was always in awe of, and everything would be just peachy.'
  8. 'Life looks peachy for city slickers desperate to escape to the countryside and set up home in converted farm houses.'
  9. 'A ‘multi-prong’ strategy sounds like everything is peachy and under control.'
  10. 'Now with a stronger lineup than ever, due to its inclusion of a second and accomplished songwriter, the future looks all bright and peachy for these chaps.'


1. resembling a peach, as in color or appearance.

2. Informal. excellent; wonderful; fine.

More examples(as adjective)

"yarns can be peachy for likings."

"people can be peachy with sleeps."

"pinks can be peachy."

"yarns can be peachy."

"tans can be peachy."

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