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Feeling or showing pleasure and satisfaction, especially at an event or a situation.
  1. 'he seemed really pleased that she was there'
  2. 'I am really pleased about this as it's an event that is important to a lot of people and one that always attracts big crowds to the Evesham match venue.'
  3. '‘Hey guys, glad you could join us,’ she smiled genuinely pleased that they had come on a double date with them.'
  4. 'Sandie gave me a knowing smile, seemingly pleased that she had ‘diagnosed’ us as a couple so well.'
  5. 'I smiled to myself, overly pleased that he believed in me that much.'
  6. '‘I'm pleased that so many people have turned up here,’ he said.'
  7. 'So we are very, very pleased that this Land Transport Amendment Bill simplifies the logbook regime for truck-drivers.'
  8. 'Bonnie smiled, secretly pleased that the girl was now talking.'
  9. 'I'm pleased that I'm alive and home getting better and hopefully I'll be back to school soon.'
  10. '‘I was absolutely delighted to hear the news and also very pleased that Ian himself wanted to play in this big match,’ said Byas.'
  11. 'He added: ‘I'm very pleased that we have been able to set a budget that will enable us to do more to tackle those identified priorities.’'
  12. 'we will be pleased to provide an independent appraisal'
  13. 'I am pleased to advise you that Council has adopted the Local Area Traffic Management Plan for the. Little River area.'
  14. 'I am pleased to advise that our new Terminal 2 is open.'
  15. 'as he led the way, he looked very pleased with himself'
  16. 'Yes, they should be very pleased with themselves for that.'
  17. 'Still having hauled back a four-point deficit to go in at the break on level terms the Rockies must have been reasonably pleased with themselves.'
  18. 'I felt quite irrationally pleased with myself, as though I had actually achieved something.'
  19. 'Savers, for example, might be pleased with themselves for putting their money on deposit at the best rate on the market, but the likelihood is they are not earning anything.'
  20. 'They had every reason to feel pleased with themselves.'
  21. 'I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself and proud of the control I have over the car.'
  22. 'He was no one to be proud of, so don't look so pleased with yourself.'
  23. 'Melrose, however, will be not be pleased with themselves for allowing Aberdeen to score four tries in the last half-hour after having built a 34-0 lead.'
  24. 'He said: ‘They will be feeling pretty pleased with themselves at this moment in time and they will be talking about it.’'
  25. 'I bet you're feeling very pleased with yourself, eh, Paul?'


1. (used as a polite addition to requests, commands, etc.) if you would be so obliging; kindly: Please come here. Will you please turn the radio off? verb (used with object), pleased, pleasing.

2. to act to the pleasure or satisfaction of: to please the public.

3. to be the pleasure or will of: May it please your Majesty. verb (used without object), pleased, pleasing.

4. to like, wish, or feel inclined: Go where you please.

5. to give pleasure or satisfaction; be agreeable:

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"people can be pleased with results."

"people can be pleased with performances."

"people can be pleased with himselfs."

"people can be pleased with ways."

"people can be pleased with progresses."

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