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Resembling a plum.
  1. 'It is a very rich, plummy, spicy grape which lends softness to the sometimes rather serious Cabernet with plums, roses, spice, fruitcake, blackcurrant, pencil shavings.'
  2. 'Made from a classic Aussie mix of firm, blackcurranty Cabernet, plumped up by spicy Shiraz and plummy Merlot.'
  3. 'This easy going, plummy and spicy blend is nice on its own or with a variety of foods.'
  4. 'Described as medium bodied with youthful red/crimson colours and plummy fruit.'
  5. 'Delicious plummy classic with a long velvety finish; ideal with pasta, any meat, game or cheese.'
  6. 'If you've only time for lipstick, opt for a sheer pink for porcelain complexions and plummy or medium-red for darker skins, otherwise you'll look haggard, not hot.'
  7. 'The top is a luscious, plummy red.'
  8. 'Finally, here are two juicy Spanish reds that do the same food-suitable job as the Italians, but with the extra plummy dollops of fruit you would expect from the Tempranillo grape.'
  9. 'On the palate it's a middleweight, plummy wine, and the tannins are fairly soft.'
  10. 'A plummy shadow looks stunning as long as it's not too red, or you'll look ill.'
(of a person's voice) having an accent thought typical of the English upper classes.
  1. 'Only her plummy vowels remind you she is an Epsom girly.'
  2. 'She was teased by the other girls and quickly lost her Irish accent, acquiring the plummy tones she now has.'
  3. 'The association's conference hall was awash with plummy accents and tweed jackets.'
  4. 'He was forty-seven but he acted like he was seventy-four, and his voice was so plummy River had always wondered if he was putting it on.'
  5. 'The programme was on about 10.00 am, maybe 10.30-the presenter was discussing the programme as well as including clips of the plummy BBC presenter explaining the fairy tale from when it was first broadcast.'
  6. 'She has an old-fashioned, classical air about her, with her rich, raspy, plummy tones.'
  7. '‘I think she is mad,’ states Broomfield, in his plummy matter-of-fact way.'
  8. 'Where I come from, I'm considered positively plummy.'
  9. 'He is seen in the film apologising in his plummy tones to the man and, ironically, it is this stiff upper lip that sees him through some sticky patches.'
Choice; highly desirable.
  1. 'Merlot has also been popular over Italy's north eastern border in Slovenia and all down the Dalmatian coast, where it can be attractively plummy when yields are restricted.'


1. containing or resembling plums.

2. good or desirable: a plummy part for a good actress.

3. richly or mellowly resonant: a plummy speaking voice.

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"voices can be plummy."

"accents can be plummy."

"vowelses can be plummy."

"tones can be plummy."

"tastes can be plummy."

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