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Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.
  1. 'But she also did something practical toward creating economic wealth for that community.'
  2. 'Overall, the training will be intensive with extensive practical exercises and actual application of foreign language skills.'
  3. 'And the region's scientists and researchers have tended to concentrate on finding practical applications rather than unraveling basic principles.'
  4. 'This is not just a theory, it's practical experience.'
  5. 'The disputes were usually about small things, some of which had no actual ramifications in the practical application of Jewish law.'
  6. 'More practical application of Metz's work to a North American context still remains.'
  7. 'We try to keep abreast of the new treatments, but have gained little practical experience of using them.'
  8. 'They serve a practical purpose: handling 88 percent of the development's stormwater.'
  9. 'And so I have to admit I don't see practical applications of string theory at the moment.'
  10. 'Being encouraged to do something practical made an incalculable difference to my moods.'
(of an idea, plan, or method) likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances; feasible.
  1. 'Depending on travel agencies for sorting out most of the plans is also a practical way of going on a road tour.'
  2. 'Both approaches have merit but it may not yet be practical to use one universal format for all project documents.'
  3. 'Judges would have no real practical way of testing or assessing the reliability of intelligence information presented to them.'
  4. 'Eminently practical advice was interspersed with stirring statements of principle.'
  5. 'In the health services of the Western world, a search is under way to find effective and practical methods for assessing the performance of doctors.'
  6. 'A number of alternative more practical methods have been suggested.'
  7. '"When the kids were younger, going abroad just didn't seem practical.'
  8. 'Designers of the winning entries will then be able to prove to commercial organisations that their ideas are practical, effective and worth investing in.'
  9. 'It is necessary that we reach a consensus on such issues, and conduct research and training to develop practical procedures which can effectively deal with disasters.'
  10. 'There's no need to dismiss an idea because it doesn't seem practical.'
  11. 'a practical, stylish kitchen'
  12. 'The plan emphasizes treatment and prevention strategies that are effective and practical for use in individual areas.'
  13. 'The scientists expect to make these cells practical to use within just 2 years.'
  14. 'I'm merely being practical—we must find a ground-floor flat'
  15. 'She's just a hard-headed, practical girl, sharp enough to see how much trouble she's in, but not sharp enough to do a whole lot about it.'
  16. 'We must be practical enough to realise that the economic situation of the State or the people can never improve magically with any settlement unless measures are taken in advance.'
  17. 'They know that I'm very practical, very pragmatic.'
  18. 'Now, both in football and business terms, the practical person in us cannot blame Shepherd for not sacking the miscreants, even if the principled part demands them being cast out.'
  19. 'All reasonable and practical people will know that there cannot be much deliberation or discussion about such an initiative.'
  20. 'He was a practical politician, and wanted a pragmatic solution - preferably on one sheet of A4.'
  21. 'He was a practical man, a pragmatic builder of empire!'
  22. 'To the world and to herself, she was a no-nonsense, practical woman who scoffed at indulgence and spurned luxury.'
  23. 'She said Caroline was a sensible and practical teenager, and prepared well for her trip.'
  24. 'I feel that I am also a very rational, reasonable and practical person.'
  25. 'He was a very practical man and was skilled in the wireless detection system which we now call radar.'
So nearly the case that it can be regarded as so; virtual.
  1. 'Should the law extend the definition beyond purpose to cover the awareness of the practical certainty that the crew would be killed?'


An examination or lesson in which theories and procedures learned are applied to the actual making or doing of something.
  1. 'I started learning the process, through practicals first, then theory.'
  2. 'For the practicals, you might have to taste five vintages of a first - rate Bordeaux and decide which wine was which year.'
  3. 'Teachers and students have responded positively to a proposal to break up the Leaving Certificate exams into two sittings with some papers, practicals or project work taken earlier in the year.'
  4. 'The students have to do practicals and projects too.'
  5. 'But when I turned 15, I abandoned the study of science, having been warned that practicals in the afternoon would not permit me to play cricket at University.'
  6. 'Secondly he found that physics practicals did not suit him, so in the end the move towards mathematics became a natural one to make.'
  7. 'At Junior Cert level, deadlines are looming for home economics and metalwork projects, and practicals in home economics and music are set to begin at the end of the month.'
  8. 'Besides, chemistry practicals including salt analysis and testing samples and results are explained through animation.'
  9. 'If it goes on after Easter, then there will be major confusion when the orals and the practicals begin.'
  10. 'It means they are on their own on the final hurdle of a seemingly endless slog of course work, mock examinations, orals, practicals and revision which began in year nine.'


1. of or relating to practice or action: practical mathematics.

2. consisting of, involving, or resulting from practice or action: a practical application of a rule.

3. of, relating to, or concerned with ordinary activities, business, or work: a habitual dreamer, who can't be bothered with practical affairs.

4. adapted or designed for actual use; useful: practical instructions.

5. engaged or experienced in actual practice or work: a practical politician credited with m

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"wallcoveringses can be practical in halls."

"types can be practical towards lives."

"systems can be practical for parents."

"strips can be practical for gardens."

"strategies can be practical for businesses."

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Late 16th century: from archaic practic ‘practical’ (from Old French practique, via late Latin from Greek praktikos ‘concerned with action’, from prattein ‘do, act’) + -al.