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Deserving approval and admiration.
  1. 'In that case, their achievement has been praiseworthy.'
  2. 'He is concerned that young people are picking up on a lot of adult behaviour which is neither praiseworthy nor consistent.'
  3. 'As undeniably praiseworthy as the performances were, detractors argued the film seemed contrived for shock value.'
  4. 'Yet the movie has him give his best which is praiseworthy for the effort and highly questionable in effect.'
  5. 'Compliments derive from taking notice of praiseworthy situations and efforts.'
  6. 'Would it seem conceited to accept a compliment graciously, to acknowledge that there may actually be something praiseworthy about me?'
  7. 'Was it an admission of error, a miscalculation, or a praiseworthy acceptance of the people's demands for a say on the new constitution, to which he simply had to bow?'
  8. 'However that may be, his book embodies an energetic, sustained, and praiseworthy effort to tell a story that has not previously been told in the same detail.'
  9. 'Being ‘green’ while being profitable is praiseworthy but not always achievable.'
  10. 'And that level of literacy in music, even if it is a variation of the same, is still praiseworthy and perhaps without any parallel.'


1. deserving of praise; laudable: a praiseworthy motive.

More examples(as adjective)

"nothings can be praiseworthy in schemes."

"efforts can be praiseworthy."

"attempts can be praiseworthy."

"actions can be praiseworthy."

"achievements can be praiseworthy."

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