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More desirable or suitable.
  1. 'It's always preferable to have something else to read at times like this.'
  2. 'I am sure it would be preferable for the local schools and the community orchestra to work in harmony.'
  3. 'However, he added that it was preferable to finding major problems with the home after completion.'
  4. 'To help bring the fever down, a slightly cooler room temperature is preferable.'
  5. 'That said, it is easy to see why many people find even the hardships of a Scottish island preferable to urban life.'
  6. 'The chairman of the board said voluntary redundancies were preferable over compulsory redundancies.'
  7. 'In the end, firms acknowledge that laying off employees is preferable to going bust.'
  8. 'Experience of children with special needs is preferable, but full training will be given.'


1. more desirable.

2. worthy to be preferred.

More examples(as adjective)

"plans can be preferable to continuations."

"settlements can be preferable to parades."

"delays can be preferable to currencies."

"people can be preferable to regulations."

"delays can be preferable to things."

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