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Attractive or appealing in appearance.
  1. 'Not very prepossessing to look at but this hard, round hairy ball is so versatile you will never look at it the same way again after reading this column.'
  2. 'Gap-toothed, bold in face, and of a ruddy complexion, the Wife was no longer prepossessing in appearance, if she ever had been.'
  3. 'The impressive group of works which forms the core of the exhibition is accompanied by others less prepossessing and of sometimes doubtful relevance.'
  4. 'I've just looked at the pictures of the fish, and it looks even less prepossessing than it did in the flesh, so to speak.'
  5. 'He is physically prepossessing, with a ‘massive build’ simmering with ‘tremendous, dormant strength’.'
  6. 'He wasn't a very prepossessing sight: his neck barely seemed capable of supporting the weight of his head and his legs curved around in a small ball underneath him.'
  7. 'Flightless, fangless, clawless, slow, and weak, he isn't physically prepossessing.'
  8. 'She is neither particularly prepossessing in her appearance nor outwardly warm, as even David admits remembering his first acquaintance with her.'


1. that impresses favorably; engaging or attractive: a confident and prepossessing young man.

More examples(as adjective)

"sights can be prepossessing."

"starts can be prepossessing."

"rooms can be prepossessing."

"fireplaces can be prepossessing."

"faces can be prepossessing."

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