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Obtain (something), especially with care or effort.
  1. with two objects 'he persuaded a friend to procure him a ticket'
  2. 'In recent years, the gallery has made a concerted effort to procure art works by contemporary South African artists.'
  3. 'The study - jointly conducted by the World Health Organisation and the aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres - looked at efforts to procure antiretroviral drugs in 10 countries.'
  4. 'Last night, I walked right up to the ticket window and procured a seat in my usual spot (upper deck, behind the plate) without waiting in line.'
  5. 'In an effort to procure tickets, I called All Sport Promotions, which has a fine record in promoting sports tours such as the recent match in Bahrain.'
  6. 'The Wall Street Journal has been leaked those portions of the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate relating to Iraq's efforts to procure uranium in Africa.'
  7. 'Each medicinal plant was procured in 3 batches obtained during the summer, rainy season, and winter, respectively.'
  8. 'No, it's being done in the best model of pork barrel politics where the Administration's friends procure multi-billion dollar contracts in a secret process hidden from any public scrutiny.'
  9. 'It is believed that viruses causing deadly diseases such as ebola and salmonella were procured in Russia and that anthrax was obtained from North Korea.'
  10. 'This promoted the idea that as long as the reasons for failure were documented, nations could undertake efforts to engineer and procure solutions as required.'
  11. 'The early details of their journey - procuring a canoe, stockpiling bacon and canned food - at first seem tedious, but it gradually dawns why Clark has taken these pains.'
  12. 'One night in August he visited a prostitute and the next day he procured the woman for a fellow teacher.'
  13. 'These included 15 cases of assault, six cases of public disorder, two sexual assault cases, one child pornography case, one case of trying to procure an under-age child and one charge of corruption.'
  14. 'This man, however, sexually abused the boy and procured him for sex with foreigners.'
  15. 'He faces a further charge of procuring a woman to become a common prostitute at Huby between 1988 and 1995.'
  16. 'He had just been released from a two-year term for offences including procuring a woman to become a prostitute.'
  17. 'In 1974, police estimated that there were 400,000 prostitutes in Thailand, procured primarily for the U.S. military on R & R from the Vietnam War.'
  18. 'It was obvious to anyone paying any attention at all that the girls were procured as prostitutes for the night for the wealthy Middle Easterner.'
  19. 'He served as bodyguard to a young boy prince from some European country and had to procure hookers for the 12-year-old.'
  20. 'Lin later procured several other prostitutes and earned about 20,000 yuan commission between September of last year and this May.'
  21. 'Those provisions exist largely because it is recognised that people who operate brothels, who procure and live off the earnings of prostitutes, are essentially in an exploitative relationship.'
Persuade or cause (someone) to do something.
  1. 'The obstruct justice charge related to an attempt to procure a witness to claim he had been driving the vehicle and had left before the police arrived.'
  2. 'The issue is whether I should infer from the facts that ACP and/or the fifth defendant by one or more of their officers procured the employees to break their contracts of employment with intent that they should do so.'
  3. 'Every person who, by willful perjury or subornation of perjury procures the conviction and execution of any innocent person, is punishable by death or life imprisonment without possibility of parole.'
  4. 'The officers had been acting as Agents provocateurs, and had procured the appellants to commit the offences.'
  5. 'The employee was acquitted of the principal offence, but the Court of Appeal upheld the employer's conviction for, essentially, procuring the actus reus.'

More definitions

verb (used with object), procured, procuring.

1. to obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means: to procure evidence.

2. to bring about, especially by unscrupulous and indirect means: to procure secret documents.

3. to obtain (a person) for the purpose of prostitution.

verb (used without object), procured, procuring.

4. to act as a procurer or pimp.


Middle English: from Old French procurer, from Latin procurare ‘take care of, manage’, from pro- ‘on behalf of’ + curare ‘see to’.