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Causing anger or another strong reaction, especially deliberately.
  1. 'provocative remarks about foreign policy'
  2. 'In 1989 and 1990 there was a spate of provocative articles on the country's past.'
  3. 'The Passionate Eye airs provocative documentaries on leading social and political issues of the day.'
  4. 'The FBU believe that the government is being deliberately provocative, and it is difficult not to share the view.'
  5. 'During that time they managed to be thoughtful, provocative and, heavens above, interesting.'
  6. 'We don't know whether it is, but it is a highly controversial and provocative book.'
  7. 'We value good writing, as we value controversial and provocative ideas, for their own sake.'
  8. 'To be deliberately provocative, I asked him to call this period the Toronto new wave.'
  9. 'I was very pleased to be asked to comment on the engaging and provocative articles in this volume.'
  10. 'It is passionate yet considered, provocative yet clearly reasoned - and gave me much food for thought.'
  11. 'Leading on from this, the article turns provocative when it addresses English and the vexed matter of case.'
  12. 'The fashion industry dresses them in sexually provocative clothing.'
  13. 'Glasgow is not the first place where the Ipswich band's deliberately provocative clothing has caused outrage.'
  14. 'When I opened them a tall, brunette woman in a provocative green dress stood before me.'
  15. 'Anything deemed to be too sexy, provocative, or disrespectful would be denied.'
  16. 'In fact, cultures that frown upon eye contact as sexually provocative may have a point.'
  17. 'The provocative swimwear became a symbol of a Coast offering sun, surf, warmth and excitement.'


1. tending or serving to provoke; inciting, stimulating, irritating, or vexing. noun

2. something provocative.

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"streams can be provocative to jordanians."

"news can be provocative as sides."

"actions can be provocative."

"acts can be provocative."

"statements can be provocative."

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Late Middle English: from Old French provocatif, -ive, from late Latin provocativus, from provocat- ‘called forth, challenged’, from the verb provocare (see provoke).