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Having or showing determination or resolve.
  1. 'They walked in the blazing noonday sun with a new purposeful stride.'
  2. 'The relentless sun beating down, our initially purposeful stride declines to a sporadic meander as we ascend the steps.'
  3. 'Krys began walking in long, purposeful strides toward S & S. ‘Do you know?’'
  4. 'His sprightly frame is totally erect with not a hint of a stoop and his quick stride and purposeful gait would put men half his age to shame.'
  5. 'At the age of 35 he continues to cover the ground with a purposeful stride.'
  6. 'He takes the stage with a stride that's purposeful, elegant, even serene, befitting a Californian who seriously loves surfing, martial arts and fast cars.'
  7. 'But Kinamori was not fooled by his purposeful stride; rather she became tense with fear and suspicion.'
  8. 'It was noticeable that when Phillips, still the pupil, came to that fence, it was surer, the stride more purposeful, the energy of youth omnipotent.'
  9. 'Men and women of various ages and shapes were taking purposeful strides, either walking, jogging, or running.'
  10. 'Moments later, however, he was once again walking in that slow purposeful stride toward the woods.'
Having a useful purpose.
  1. 'Remembering may be a spontaneous or purposeful activity.'
  2. 'We celebrate because through Jesus Christ we gain access to not just heaven, but to a purposeful and meaningful relationship with Almighty God.'
  3. '‘An important aspect of the prison regime is that of rehabilitation and encouraging prisoners in a positive and purposeful activity,’ a spokesman said.'
  4. 'What it does mean is that they cannot be given as much education and purposeful activity than if we had fewer prisoners.'
  5. 'Learning carpentry, on the other hand, involves purposeful activity and experimentation, a kind of learning that is beyond verbalization.'
  6. 'Bowen shares several perspectives about combat that are useful and purposeful to the student of warfare.'
  7. 'Yet the committee gathered and spent two days in generally useful and purposeful discussions.'
  8. 'Scientists have long been fascinated by ants because of the extraordinary way they organise themselves into colonies that display purposeful activity.'
  9. 'Instead of seeing the organizations as comprising buildings, offices, car parks, rule books, meetings and other forms of purposeful activity, we see these as symbol systems.'
  10. 'In smaller nursing homes, where low profit margins do not allow the employment of full multidisciplinary teams, patients are subjected to little purposeful activity.'
  1. 'Unfortunately, the convenient assumption that any rational leader also will be reasonable sets up the observer to miss an opponent's conscious and purposeful moves that are far outside expected norms.'
  2. 'The only way that this can be achieved, it seems, is by the wilful and purposeful appropriation of Aboriginal narratives by non-indigenous Australians.'
  3. 'The bombing was a planned, purposeful attack, while the Port Authority was at most negligent in failing to defend its property more carefully.'
  4. 'There is no need for any purposeful and deliberate attempt to protect dialects.'
  5. 'We must make conscious, purposeful decisions to take care of other people, the natural environment and ourselves as well.'
  6. 'Every move was deliberate and purposeful, almost as if she were executing some sort of martial art act.'
  7. 'The state calculated the amount of purposeful underpayment by Chevron to be $13.5 million over the thirteen years and the jury agreed.'
  8. 'The conclusion examines the tensions between the idea of strategy as purposeful direction/plan of action and as a zone of complexity.'
  9. 'But in this case, I think the problem is more the reporter's innate prejudice than any purposeful intention to smear the U.S. Army.'
  10. 'Also complicated are Ana's decision and purposeful plans to lose her virginity.'


1. having a purpose.

2. determined; resolute.

3. full of meaning; significant.

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"people can be purposeful in ways."

"people can be purposeful in movements."

"people can be purposeful about powers."

"bees can be purposeful in things."

"aspects can be purposeful in managements."

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