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Consisting of four parts or elements.
  1. 'Four years later he suffered more attacks and needed a quadruple heart bypass that left him with kidney failure.'
  2. 'The test is called the quadruple screen when it measures the four substances in the mother's blood.'
  3. 'Her first assignment was to report on an article about a quadruple murder.'
  4. 'He also has overcome bladder cancer and a quadruple bypass on his heart.'
  5. 'The timing of the quadruple murders is uncanny.'
  6. 'The legs were divided by four sets of joints, like having quadruple knees, and each ‘knee’ was filled with sand.'
  7. 'Women have the quadruple roles of mother, housekeeper, wife, and worker, roughly in that order of importance.'
  8. 'The ship is equipped with two close-range, portable, Strela - 3M air defence missile systems, each system having a quadruple launcher.'
  9. 'He had also recently recovered from a quadruple bypass operation.'
  10. 'I am recovering from a quadruple coronary artery bypass operation.'
  11. 'a quadruple vodka'
  12. 'For linguistics nerds this is like a quadruple vodka.'
  13. 'The 16-stone defendant had drunk several pints of beer, alcopops and a quadruple vodka.'
  14. 'Triple chants have been composed and a few quadruple chants also exist, but in use these become tiresome.'


Increase or be increased fourfold.
  1. 'People who smoke quadrupled their risk for this stroke, scientists found.'
  2. 'Adult obesity rates have almost quadrupled in 25 years.'
  3. 'In Fort Beaufort, water tariffs nearly quadrupled in five years.'
  4. 'Mines and constant ambushes depleted the government forces, which had quadrupled in size to 60,000 through heavy conscription.'
  5. 'Using the techniques I learned in hosiery, we were able to quadruple our supermarket sales in two years.'
  6. 'The result was that the college virtually quadrupled in size.'
  7. 'A heavy meal may quadruple the risk of a heart attack.'
  8. 'My council tax has nearly quadrupled since 1990.'
  9. 'Within a period of 12 months, the price of gold almost quadrupled from $225 to $850.'
  10. 'The jail and prison population has nearly quadrupled since 1980.'


A quadruple number or amount.
  1. 'It was impossible, Alex Ferguson said during the week, for Manchester United to win the quadruple.'
  2. 'There have now been 19 triple-centuries - and one quadruple - in Test cricket.'
  3. 'The quadruple of this is 84, which subtracted from the square of 10, namely 100, yields 16.'
  4. 'Over the same period, Tesco's have doubled and its sales are now quadruple that of M & S.'
  5. 'However, from quadruples onward, no model fits the data.'


1. fourfold; consisting of four parts: a quadruple alliance.

2. four times as great.

3. Music. having four beats to a measure. noun

4. a number, amount, etc., four times as great as another.

5. something, as a series of acrobatic somersaults, made up of four clearly defined parts or stages: the first trapeze artist to perform a quadruple successfully. verb (used with or without object), quadrupled, quadrupling.

6. to make or become four times as great: To serve 24 people

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"vectors can be quadruple."

"surgeries can be quadruple."

"jumps can be quadruple."

"bogeys can be quadruple."

"operations can be quadruple."

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Late Middle English (as a verb): via French from Latin quadruplus, from quadru- ‘four’ + -plus as in duplus (see duple).