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  1. 'John Meriwether and his quants believed that they had, for practical purposes, eliminated the uncertainty in market movements by quantifying risk as a function of the past volatility of a stock or bond price.'
  2. 'Just talking to a friend, I said that last night at a party, I'd bumped into an old friend who's a quant.'
  3. 'For a guy with a mostly technical / quant predilection, I did a lot of pure fundamental research.'
  4. 'In short, a quant combs through price ratios and mathematical relationships between companies or trading vehicles in order to divine profitable trading opportunities.'
  5. 'And you have to get past his reputation within the industry as the ultimate quant jock, the by-the-numbers boss who supposedly wants to measure everything with spreadsheets, and base all decisions on data, not judgment or instinct.'
  6. 'Well-paid quants build their massive multi-variable models and Monte Carlo simulators only to have them riddled with a thousand random bullet holes from the real world.'
  7. 'Another useful S&P stat in the quant section is the Earnings & Dividend Rank, which rates stocks from A + to D on their earnings growth and stability over the past 10 years.'
  8. 'Product innovation: define and write new payoffs with sales, traders and quants (pro-active and reactive), participate in the study of the risk management of the new payoffs.'


A pole for propelling a barge or punt, especially one with a prong at the bottom to prevent it sinking into the mud.
  1. 'That’s when you take down the mast and use a long pole (or quant) to punt the boat under bridges, including the notoriously low medieval one at Potter Heigham.'
  2. 'The greater the angle made between the quant and the barge or punt, the greater the turning angle.'

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1. Business Slang. an expert in quantitative analysis.

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"premiers can be quant."


Late Middle English: perhaps from Latin contus, from Greek kontos ‘boat pole’.