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A place, typically a large, deep pit, from which stone or other materials are or have been extracted.
  1. 'The operators want to dig deeper seams within the quarry - up to 15 metres below the existing level.'
  2. 'Three years after an Environment Court judge ordered a Pauatahanui quarry closed its owners are seeking to reopen it.'
  3. 'The whole philosophy of a stone quarry is to leverage out a wholesome material, free of cracks and other faults.'
  4. 'Stancliffe Stone wants to re-open the quarries to extract the high-quality sandstone they contain.'
  5. 'The haul road will be used to ferry materials from the quarry to the beach for the construction of the breakwaters and related marine infrastructure.'
  6. 'By day he was working in a limestone quarry, carrying buckets of stones on a yoke.'
  7. 'Further uphill is the planter's house, transformed into an interpretation centre built on the remains of a stone quarry discovered in 1966.'
  8. 'He was a crack skier and mountaineer, whose strength had been built up breaking up stones in a limestone quarry during the war.'
  9. 'Tarmac Northern Limted, which owns the quarry near Helwith Bridge, is seeking planning permission to extend its workings to the west of the existing site.'
  10. 'The owner objected that he was there first, indeed that stone from his quarry had built the foundations of the houses.'


Extract (stone or other materials) from a quarry.
  1. 'The mottled gray marble was probably quarried at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; the mantels in the less formal rooms are wooden.'
  2. 'Starting in the mid-fifteenth century, the decorative stone serpentine was quarried in many small mines in Zoblitz, near Marienberg in Saxony.'
  3. 'The characteristic solid grey limestone was quarried from the east face of the Rock of Gibraltar as well as being shipped across from a Spanish quarry outside Algeciras.'
  4. 'This was why stone was not quarried in weather below twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit.'
  5. 'Manor Stone is quarried on the land beside the Centre.'
  6. 'The stone was quarried 30 miles away in Kilkenny and crafted in Stradbally, with much of the work being done by past pupils of Scoil Mhuire Fatima.'
  7. 'Consequently, the foundation stone was quarried in Deadwood, and the sandstone for the walls came from nearby Hot Springs.'
  8. 'It is clear that Wilfred's builders made no effort to quarry fresh stone for this edifice.'
  9. 'The basalt lava in particular has been, and is still being, extensively quarried for road aggregate in many large quarries on those mountains.'
  10. 'In 1992, the height of the obsidian ‘rush’, seven companies were quarrying the stone in the area.'
  11. 'We know that this metal was being quarried from the Mendips as early as 49, while extraction from the Flintshire mines of North Wales had begun by 74, and from Yorkshire by 81.'
  12. 'the hillside had been quarried for many years'
  13. 'The powdered basalt, granite and other volcanic rock is a by-product of quarrying and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of the material is lying unused around Scotland.'
  14. 'Heritage Action say science still cannot answer many of the questions about the earthworks, and they want a moratorium on quarrying near historic sites, until methods improve.'
  15. 'The scar created by quarrying the hillside is visible from a wide area, but working of the scar face is now completed and progress is being made below the level of surrounding land.'
  16. 'At a significantly later date the rock dome was quarried, and some of the phase 1 carvings were broken through.'
  17. 'As quarrying expanded, it slowly encroached upon the Old Burial Ground, established by the Legislature in 1712.'
  18. 'The long-running saga of whether quarrying is to be permitted at an historic Peak District beauty spot is set for a final showdown.'
  19. 'The Chalk is, in its lower part, extensively quarried for cement.'
  20. 'At Endcliffe and Lees Cross near Stanton Moor and its Bronze Age monument The Nine Ladies, eco-warriors have dug a series of tunnels in a four-year campaign to prevent quarrying.'
  21. 'If the extension is granted the area which is quarried will remain the same with no horizontal expansion or deepening beyond the existing permitted level.'
  22. 'The debate over the extension of quarrying close to the three Thornborough Henges - one of Britain's most important Neolithic sites - continues at a public meeting on Wednesday.'


A diamond-shaped pane of glass as used in lattice windows.
  1. 'The surviving 17th-century windows are all of wood with quarries of hand-blown glass in lead cames attached to iron saddle-bars.'
  2. 'Amongst fragments set into the background of a fifteenth-century panel depicting St Mary Magdalen in the east chancel window are quarries with fragments of the Lovell rebus.'
  1. 'A staircase of red quarries led up to the second story.'

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1. an excavation or pit, usually open to the air, from which building stone, slate, or the like, is obtained by cutting, blasting, etc.

2. an abundant source or supply. verb (used with object), quarried, quarrying.

3. to obtain (stone) from or as if from a quarry.

4. to make a quarry in.

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"stones can be quarried."

"slates can be quarried."

"limestones can be quarried."

"caves can be quarried."

"blocks can be quarried."

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(quarry)Mid 16th century (in quarry (sense 2)): alteration of quarrel, which in late Middle English denoted a lattice windowpane.